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High-quality, certified, luxurious natural cosmetics brands from all over the world. At Blanda you will find a curated selection of exclusive Clean Beauty Labels. German and international natural cosmetics brands with portraits and detailed product descriptions. Natural cosmetics that we are 100% convinced of.

100% Pure Logo who is behind 100% Pure? Founder and creative director is Susie Wang. Through her work in product development in cosmetics companies, she became aware of abuses in the cosmetics industry, which inspired her to create her own cosmetics line, which contains only natural ingredients and is produced without animal testing. She co-founded with James Wang and Ric Kostick 100% Pure.

What do we mean by "pure"? In our products, whether body care, shampoo or make-up, we only use natural ingredients. By this we mean substances that come from nature and are only subject to biological processes such as fermentation, distillation and cold processing. Our products do not contain thickeners or water to thin and extend formulas. Instead, vegetable hydrosols such as aloe juice, fermented rice water or tea are used as a base. With us, every ingredient has a benefit for the skin!
A.N Other Perfume logo Brands spend a disproportionate amount of money on marketing and gimmicks, leaving little for the product itself. A.N Other Perfume is different. Everything we do is reduced to the bare minimum. Our confidence to spend less on nonsense allows us to invest more in exceptional ingredients.

The A.N Other Promise: We bring a radical proposition to the world's most exciting perfume designers. Total creative control, unlimited budgets and a promise not to adulterate their work.

Ariella Appelbaum, Founder of A.N Other
Abel Perfume logo Abel was founded by New Zealander Frances Shoemack with one simple goal - to create the best natural perfume in the world. Abel is the intersection of art, ethics and science. Living Fragrances - Rather than covering your personality with a veil of consistent intensity, the beauty of all natural ingredients is that they evolve on your skin and use your natural body chemistry to create a uniquely individual scent. A fragrance that will change steadily throughout the day.

Abel Perfume lives on your skin until the scent fades.
Abhati Suisse Logo Abhati is a Sanskrit word for enlighten your soul. Abhati Suisse was founded by Anju Rupal and is an ethical, luxury skin care brand from Switzerland with a deeply rooted Indian heritage. With Abhati Suisse Anju Rupal has set itself the goal of combining the healing properties of Swiss and Ayurvedic plants in order to create a range of highly effective, sustainable and fairly traded beauty products. They are holistic luxury products of the highest quality that also do good.

The products of Abhati contain only natural organic herbal essences from the Swiss Alps and regions in the Himalayas, whose valleys are called "Little Switzerland". The formulas and manufacturing techniques combine Swiss science and the Ayurvedic tradition of India.
Aether Beauty Logo Founded in 2018 by Tiila Abbitt, a creative product developer with a background in sculpture and fashion design. Tiila spent 7 years at Sephora overseeing product development of makeup collaborations and accessories.

Tiila wanted to create a brand that was truly ethical - not just in the formulation, but in everything Āether Beauty makes. Every decision at Āether Beauty is shaped by the goal of sustainability. We use organic, fair trade and non-GMO ingredients wherever possible and eliminate over 2700 ingredients from our formulas.

With the stars as a muse and the earth as a palette Aether Beauty Crystals infuse formulations to combine transcendent shimmer and glow with wellbeing benefits. Vegan next-generation cosmetics that harness the power of crystals!
Alga Maris Logo Muriel and Jean Marc Dubois founded Laboratoires de Biarritz in 2011 - an adventurous dream came true. As passionate surfers, they were looking for sun care products that are effective, optimally tolerated and harmless to the sea and its creatures. Her love for the sea and environmental protection led to the founding of her own cosmetics company.

Alga Maris, an organic certified sun care, became the first line of the Laboratoires de Biarritz. The sun care products from Alga Maris are a combination of various protective active ingredients of natural origin, mineral UV filters and the patented radical scavenger Alga-Gorria® - for the best possible sun protection for your skin. These include the innovative, tinted sunscreen for the face with SPF 50 or SPF 30.
Ancient & Brave Kate Prince's passion for better wellbeing through life and nutrition strategies was the inspiration for Ancient + Brave and for the development of nutrient-rich mixes and dietary supplements.

We believe that holistic health is a reflection of the well-being of your body, your brain and your beauty. Every day, these three aspects of your health need targeted support to guide you through the day's challenges. Our intelligent formulations, bio-active nutraceuticals and carefully selected herbal ingredients offer the perfect support
Anima Mundi Logo Hi! I'm Adriana Ayales, Rainforest Herbalist, Naturopath, Educator and Founder of Anima Mundi. Born and raised in Costa Rica, I have studied various healing traditions alongside herbalists and shamans for over 13 years. I have Anima Mundi Apothecary was founded in Brooklyn, New York to bridge the gap between ancient medicine and the modern world. It is close to my heart to integrate the rich herbal knowledge of the indigenous people of Central and South America into today's world and I want to create a sustainable herbal pharmacy that focuses on the wholeness of the human being.

We offer a wide range of adaptogens, elixirs and herbs from around the world, drawn from different traditions that I have studied over the years such as: Examples include those of the rainforest tribes, Ayurveda, Sino-Daoist medicine and European-style alchemy. I believe that by preserving these ancient forms of native botany we keep alive a sacred aspect of our heritage. Anima Mundi was founded with the intention of making ancient healing traditions and herbal ingredients available as a form of basic healthcare for today's world.
Antipodes Logo With Antipodes Elizabeth Barbalich takes a pioneering approach to the development of certified skin care. For Antipodes Cosmetics, only the best and most effective ingredients from nature in New Zealand are used without compromise. Antipodes works closely with independent institutes that scientifically prove and ensure the effectiveness of the natural products. This approach creates highly effective care products such as the famous Manuka Honey Eye Cream, the Manuka Honey Mask, the Avocado Pear Night Cream or the eye cream with kiwi seed oil.

The environmentally friendly Antipodes Range is manufactured in Aotearoa (Maori name for New Zealand) purity. Here, raw materials are sustainably sourced and the ancient botanical secrets of their unique native flora are revealed, such as Mamaku Black Fern for cell renewal, Pohutukawa Tree for skin conditioning, and Kowhai Leaf for its high antioxidant bioactivity. Add to that nutrient-dense avocado oil, world-renowned antibacterial Manuka honey, antioxidant-rich kiwifruit, or collagen-building Vinanza grape extract and you have a wonderful cross-section of ingredients Antipodes Cosmetics.
Arho Beauty I'm Emilie Kozlowicz, the founder of Arhø Beauty. As a young girl, I was addicted to beautiful skin care, makeup and perfume. It was no surprise that I ended up in the beauty industry :) After a few years in the beauty industry, I opened my own natural cosmetics shop Eminessences in 2012. Over the years, the idea arose to found my own make-up brand with the aim of offering the perfect glow.

So is Arho developed. Arhø is a play on words with aura, which means “shine of light”. And that is exactly the credo of my brand: #revealthelight. Et beaucoup de glow! Lots of glow. That is my credo Arhø Beauty. A glowy and radiant complexion in every situation.
Ashé fragrance logo Tilo Plöger developed ASHÉ based on the lively and colorful spiritual tradition of the Brazilian candomblés. ASHÉ pays homage to ORISHÁS - the forces of nature. They represent the principles of the universe and are carriers of universal energy. Tilo grew up in Brazil and, as the guardian of the mystery, was initiated into the Candomblé. He has published several books on the Brazilian candomblé tradition.

ASHÉ is presented in various exclusive perfume compositions. The natural perfume oils transport the joie de vivre, the energy and the wisdom of these elemental forces of nature. They are offered in a highly concentrated form as alcohol-free perfumes and can be worn on the skin or hair as a fragrance or elixir. A few drops are enough for a long-lasting magical experience.
Axiology Logo Axiology was launched in November 2014 after Ericka Rodriguez internalized the everyday life of animal testing in the cosmetics industry. She knew that using natural ingredients instead of chemicals would mean that animal testing would no longer be necessary. So she set out to join Axiology to develop the cleanest and most natural lipsticks on the market.

Axiology is named after the philosophical study of beauty and ethics. A fitting brand name. With only 10 ingredients that are completely safe and that you could even eat, the vegan lipstick color palette is from Axiology Packaged in luxurious black and gold triangular boxes made from recycled waste from the island of Bali. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to protect wildlife and the natural habitat of orangutans.
BeVivid Logo Lisa Heidan, the founder of beVIVID: "During my time in Asia, I experienced many new customs. One inspired me in particular: the habit of never being more than an arm's length away from a sip of water. My friend there told me that this ritual, namely drinking regularly and a lot , the key to beautiful, healthy skin is and I saw it almost everywhere there.

Motivated to keep up my water ritual, however, I wasn't able to find the right companion after my return. Most water bottles were plastic, not really attractive and often not 100% leak proof. This laid the foundation for beVIVID placed drinking bottles. It should be a BPA-free, unbreakable glass drinking bottle. The result is elegantly designed, robust drinking bottles made of handmade borosilicate glass in a soft silicone case, which motivate me to drink again and again! My drinking bottles are definitely leak-proof, easy to care for and infinitely reusable.
Beauty Kubes Logo 2017 was the year I really became aware of the harmful effects plastic is having on our environment. Most plastic bottles in Europe are made in China, so they have traveled half the world before they get to us. And often each plastic bottle is individually packed again to protect it from damage in transit. In addition, many reusable plastic bottles are not recycled but end up in landfills.

We didn't want to take part anymore and took on the challenge of creating products that are completely free of plastics. This is how the concept of Beauty Kubes born. With Beauty Kubes we completely eliminate plastic and only use cardboard and biodegradable packaging to package our shampoos and body washes.
Binu soap logo It all started in 2015 with a bar of solid natural soap from Korea. A simple, 100% natural soap that does not dry out the skin and does not cause feelings of tightness. The friends Nami Fündling and Katharina Bürger were thrilled and knew immediately that every bathroom should have a soap like this. Then they have Binu brought to life.

Why Binu Soap?

No feeling of tightness: Thanks to the saponified and non-saponified vegetable oils, there is no feeling of tightness. Binu Soaps are slightly over-greased, ie some of the oils are not saponified during the manufacturing process. Renewal: The facial soaps have a slightly basic pH value, which stimulates the skin's own oil supply and counteracts drying out of the skin in a natural way. Lipids are particularly important for the skin because they have a protective function. They have a fungicidal and slightly antibacterial effect. Balanced sebum production counteracts the drying out of the skin in a natural way.
Biofficina Toscana Logo Biofficina Toscana was founded by Eva Casagli and Claudia Lami. Our cosmetic products combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with the latest scientific developments and the beautiful nature of Tuscany. at Biofficina Toscana we only process ingredients of the highest quality and the vast majority of our plant-based ingredients come directly from the region. We are proud of our origins and source sea buckthorn and pomegranate from Maremma, olive oil and honey from Lucca, sunflower oil from Mugnano and the valuable Italian immortelle from the island of Elba.

Modern scientific methoden help us to use the ingredients in the best possible way. Our Biofficina Toscana Recipes are innovative and contain patented active ingredients such as Uviox®, made from grape varieties from the Sienese Chianti vineyards, or Oleox®, an organic liquefaction of the green Crete Senesi olives with a strong antioxidant effect, or Rubiox® with a filling and smoothing effect, obtained from berries from the hills around Lucca.
Cosmic Dealer Logo Monique Foy says: A tongue cleaner changed my life. The founder of Cosmic Dealer / A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life started cleaning your tongue over 10 years ago and hasn't missed a day since. There are hundreds of tiny pits along the surface of the tongue where bacteria hide. These bacteria feed on food debris and dead cells. Removing this layer with a tongue cleaner is a fundamental step in supporting the body's natural detoxification processes. Cleaning the tongue is an ancient detoxification ritual that has its roots in Indian Ayurveda.

For me, daily tongue cleaning ended up being the catalyst that helped me quit sugar, get far less sick, and finally prioritize my health. It's often these tiny changes that lead to big changes in life 🙂
dr Bronner's logo The roots of Dr. Bronner's are located in the Swabian town of Laupheim near Ulm. Here the ancestors of the founder, Emanuel Heilbronner, opened their first soap factory in 1858. Emanuel Heilbronner, born in 1908, also followed the family tradition, learned the soap trade and received his guild's master craftsman's certificate. Emanuel Heilbronner emigrated to the USA in 1929 in order to realize his own ideas for soap production. He has the recipes for the family business's bar and liquid soaps with him. In protest against the seizure of power by the National Socialists in Germany, Emanuel dropped the "Heil" from his last name and from then on called himself "Bronner".

Emanuel Bronner began working for a world without war and hatred. He organized series of lectures on world peace and the dangers of fascism and communism. In California in 1948 he founded the forerunner of today's company "Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps," continued his lecture series and began making his famous peppermint soap. During his speeches, he handed out the soaps. Noticing that some attendees were just taking the soaps instead of listening, he printed his philosophy on the Dr. Bronner's Bottle labels, where they can still be read today in hardly any changed form.
Eco By Sonya Logo Sonya Driver is the founder of Eco By Sonya. Growing up on Australia's Gold Coast, the sun was a constant companion for Sonya. For Sonya it was always clear that tanning without skin-damaging UV rays is the better alternative. After a malignant melanoma had to be removed from your sister, you decided to bring about a change.

She tested various self-tanners and took a closer look at the ingredients. She quickly stopped using these products, the ingredients were too harmful. That was the starting shot for Eco by Sonya self tanner. She began experimenting with cacao, flower essences, chamomile and other natural ingredients. The rest is history, in 2011 was made Eco By Sonya as the first and only manufacturer of self-tanners to be certified by the Australian Organic Food Chain. Highlights include the already legendary Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water, Glory Oil or Organic Coconut Body Lotion.
Élisire Logo

Franck Salzwedel, founder of Èlisire: “I was born on a warm summer day in France to German parents. Growing up in the countryside, I discovered the beauty of nature and the changing of the seasons. When I was 10 years old, my family moved to Indonesia and my world no longer had borders. Bali enriched my senses and became the place I treasured most: colourful, inspiring and life changing. Back in France I studied fashion and I realized that my job was to translate a designer's world into a fragrance and capture his soul in a bottle.

Élisire-perfumes are "elixirs of passion". From the very first squirt you can tell that care and quality go hand in hand with love and imagination. Each fragrance tells its own story and seduces the senses in a unique way; all are bold, multi-faceted, profound and elegant. Each of the five fragrances has excellent longevity and a strong sillage / scent trail A sensual projection that is noticed by those around you but does not overpower the atmosphere of a room. Élisire Fragrances are extraordinary perfumes in high concentration. Made with the finest essences from nature and the most innovative technologies.

Ere Perez Logo Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetics and skin care line for healthy and natural make-up. The founder Ere Perez grew up in Mexico and has always enjoyed playing with makeup. Her mother gave her beetroot, which Ere used as lipstick and blush. That then formed the basis of her interest in natural makeup and the inspiration for future beetroot cheek and lip tint. Ere Perez' Grandfather is a naturopath of traditional medicine and herbalism. He has handcrafted formulations with natural ingredients, using locally available herbs, flowers, plants and oils. He introduced Ere to the healing properties of various plants and flowers and encouraged her to create her own recipes.

Studied after school Ere Perez Naturopathic treatments, iridology and Bach flower therapy. This brought her closer to her dream of creating her own range of skin care products. In 2000 she fell in love with the natural beauty of Australia and moved to Sydney with her husband.
Evolve Organic Beauty Logo Hello, I'm Laura Rudoe, and I have Evolve Organic Beauty Launched in 2009. I believe it's time for beauty to "evolve". I know that natural, organic skincare, when properly formulated, is just as effective as synthetic alternatives. Together with my small team of passionate collaborators, we carefully design and manufacture each Evolve Beauty product in our studio in Hertfordshire, England.

All Evolve Organic Beauty Products are vegan, cruelty-free and made in small batches to ensure the highest possible quality and freshness. I want you to experience joyful everyday moments when using our products with their uplifting scents, delicious textures and effective results.
Eym Naturals Logo Eym Naturals was founded by married couple Poppy & Sam Wall. When Poppy was pregnant with her first child, she read about the negative effects of synthetic fragrances in candles and the high levels of toxins that are released when they are burned. However, Poppy's obsession with scented candles was non-negotiable! So Poppy and her husband Sam decided to create 100% natural, chemical-free fragrance products. Candles that should be as pure in their aesthetics as in their ingredients.

Determined not to make any compromises, after a long period of development work they created their own special fragrances that are only possible with pure essential oils. The aromatherapy blends have a positive therapeutic effect on emotional well-being. Whether you want to focus on sleep, relaxation, regeneration, or meditation, Eym has the scents to help.
Fair Squared Logo Fair Squared means "fair to the power of two" and stands for quality products and traceable production processes. Fair Squared Specifically means that an additional price is paid for the ingredients from poor regions of the world, which is used to improve the living and working conditions of the producers, plantation workers, small farmers and their families on site. Fair Squared stands for fair treatment of all those involved in the production process - humane working conditions, ecologically sustainable management and the renunciation of animal experiments and child labor.

Fair Squared is an alternative trade organization with the aim of reducing the imbalance in global trade. Our company idea comes from the Oxfam campaign “Make poverty history” from 2005. In 2010 the first Fair Squared Products distributed in England through OXFAM and Amnesty International. Products from the very beginning were condoms, hand creams and lip care.
Fine Deodorant logo It all started in Berlin in June 2016 with the creation of a single product. Judith Springer reinvents deodorants.

Since I wasn't happy with my deodorant, a good friend asked me why I wouldn't just make one myself. Said and done. After a few attempts in my kitchen, it finally worked and that Fine Deodorant Vetiver Geranium was born.

Coming from the art world, besides the quality, I was mine Fine deodorants, the aesthetics of the product and the packaging are also important. It should be sophisticated, well thought out but also lovingly designed. Fine means "end" in Italian and that's what Fine is the end of your search for the perfect deodorant and the beginning of uncompromising and absolutely reliable beauty care. Fine!
Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin logo Stefanie Hanssen, founder of Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin: "I got into the perfume business very spontaneously when I realized that my ideal idea of ​​a perfumery didn't exist. Fragrance, perfume, history... Wasn't there a glorious past, especially here in Berlin? Berlin was indeed the city of fragrances at the beginning of the last century.I was obsessed with the idea of ​​breathing new life into this industry.Bringing it out of the dark and bringing it back to light, reinterpreting fragrances, staging them in a completely new way.

So I started my own Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin manufacture. Puristically designed according to my needs, my preferences and my philosophy. Dedicated to my grandmother Toni-Luise, who was a loving friend, style icon and perfume aficionado for me in the harsh reality of the Ruhr coal region from childhood. And so I implemented my vision: to establish fragrances beyond the mainstream, which convince with extraordinary aromas, textures and ingredients as lovers and niche fragrances.
Greenborn Deodorant logo Iben Bering is the founder of Greenborn. For Iben, natural beauty is not only a passion, but also her profession. For many years she has been managing a distribution business for high-end natural cosmetics and she has always been asked about deodorants that do not contain any questionable ingredients and that really work. She can now fulfill her wish: after more than 3 years of development, it was Greenborn Deodorant born!

"I believe in the power of nature and in our responsibility to protect it. But I also believe in performance and aesthetics. And I believe that these three things don't have to be mutually exclusive - or shouldn't be. The cleanest care product is worth nothing if it doesn't work or you don't like putting it in the bathroom Greenborn Using deodorant shouldn't feel like a compromise for the sake of the environment or health, but like a conscious choice for effectiveness, design, innovation and sustainability.” Iben Bering
Henné Organics Logo Founded in 2015, the vision of Henné Organics Introducing a dash of Ecoluxury into everyday life without sacrificing design, ethics or health. This modern and minimalist approach replaces standard lip care products with something out of the ordinary.

"The trip to Henné Organics started long before 2015. Curiosity and wanderlust took me around the world to countries like Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and back again. Living abroad and the constant change of location helped me to reduce myself and to focus on the essentials. That time changed me; today I have great appreciation for the simple things.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the world of Henné Organics want to get to know. I want my products to give you a little moment of pleasure and bliss." With love, Laura Xiao
Hiro Cosmetics Logo Make-up made for you! HIRO Cosmetics is a high-performance cosmetic line made from 100% natural ingredients. It was founded in 2011 by Floris and Ingrid in collaboration with make-up artists.

HIRO Cosmetics Products are made with high quality, natural and organic ingredients and finely ground mineral powders. No synthetic preservatives, colorings or other harmful chemicals are included. All HIRO products are hypoallergenic, free from alcohol, talc, oil, additives, fillers, colors and preservatives and nanoparticles. They also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The HIRO result is a natural, radiant shine and a wafer-thin, micro-fine finish that optically minimizes fine lines, pores and imperfections. Whether No Doubt Foundation, Multistick, Bada Boom Mascara or Space Balm Concealer: high performance but affordable!
Holifrog Logo Holifrog - The skin of frogs is so thin and permeable that they absorb everything in their environment. As a result, they cannot survive in toxic environments. Scientists even study them to monitor pollution. Our skin may be thicker, but unfortunately we also live in toxic environments filled with free radicals, questionable air quality, and screen light.

When we wash, our pores are dilated and permeable like those of a frog. This phase of skin care is vital to the health of your skin. The two founders of Holifrog, Emily Parr and Majeed Hemmat have teamed up to transform this neglected area of ​​the beauty industry: facial cleansing. All the precious serums and creams cannot give you the glowing skin of a newborn baby if they are not applied to a well cleansed and fresh skin! They have developed exactly the right cleansing for every skin type, such as the Tashmoo Milky Wash, the Superior Omega Gel Wash or the Shasta AHA Acid Wash.
Holistic Silk Logo Holistic Silk: Ravishingly elegant sleep masks and scrunchies made from the purest silk. The founder Joanna Weakley and her team take advantage of the ancient positive effects of silk and manufacture ergonomically designed and durable products that please the eye with their exquisite design, calm the soul and offer an uncomplicated beauty treatment with every application. Since its inception has Holistic Silk graced some of the most prestigious beauty departments in the world, such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges or Le Bon Marche. 100% silk - luxurious, soft and comfortable!

"Modern life seems to focus us on 'doing' and little on 'being'. In recent decades, the world has become increasingly time-constrained and our ability to switch off is becoming increasingly difficult. Timeless, classic and elegant in design and presentation, we combine textile and alternative health expertise with ergonomic design, luxurious craftsmanship and proven healing powers to create a range of products that offer health, lifestyle and beauty benefits beyond their simple function. We pride ourselves on making the best silk sleep mask in the world! Oversized, luxe, truly opaque and with a perfect fit you won't even know you're wearing."
Hynt Beauty Logo Hynt Beauty was born through the passion of co-founder Meryl Marshall. Having previously beaten breast cancer, she now paid close attention to the ingredients. She wanted makeup and skincare products that would give her reassurance and confidence that whatever was putting on her skin was gentle and non-cancerous. What she found didn't impress her. While some healthy cosmetic lines existed, they didn't meet their desire for luxuriously textured, richly pigmented, and beautiful packaging. Aesthetics are essential to how a woman feels when applying her beloved makeup - it needs to be magical, beautiful and special.

Meryl decided to start her own line of cosmetics Hynt Beauty to create with natural formulations. Now women who care about the purity and health of their skin have a glamorous yet trustworthy line of cosmetics to enjoy every day. These include the extraordinary Duet Perfecting Concealer or the wonderfully light Sun Prep Broad Spectrum with SPF 25.
Innersense Organic Beauty Logo Fall in love with your hair again!

At the center of Innersense Organic Beauty stands nature. We believe that by choosing pure, sustainable and beautiful hair care products, you can create a new love story between your hair and yourself. Our Innersense Products are made from certified organic ingredients. Our promise: Your hair will love the luxurious formulas that provide moisture, health, shine and protection as only Mother Nature can provide.

Innersense is a love story between two seasoned beauty professionals, Joanne and Greg. The birth of her daughter Morgan was the inspiration for her passion for developing healthy and environmentally responsible shampoos and conditioners. Morgan was born with Williams Syndrome, which led Joanne to delve deep into genetics and environmental health. In addition, as hair stylists, Joanne and Greg were motivated to create a professional hair care line that was not only non-toxic and safe for people and the environment, but also offered top-notch salon performance!
Ipsum The Ipsum Difference: Luxurious formulations with highly effective vegetable oils from Australia. The unique power of native Australian plants intensifies effectiveness and results, leaving skin protected, nourished and radiantly healthy! The Ipsum Best Skin Care is the result of over 25 years of learning, understanding and writing about the best beauty manufactures and products in England and Australia. Former journalist and author Janet Hayward is deeply convinced of the unique power of pure, native vegetable oils. As a journalist, she had the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the green beauty industry. 

The pure, highly effective, COSMOS-certified organic formulations are carefully composed compositions of various nutrient-rich vegetable oils, waxes and plant extracts from Australia. The hot and dry climate on the fifth continent places great demands on the plant world and ensures a particularly strong and active botanical. The luxurious and intricately structured products for face and body contain a variety of ingredients such as Kakadu plum, borage oil, neroli, sandalwood, macadamia, Lilly Pilly, pomegranate and coconut.
John Masters Organics The John Masters Organics we believe in perfect natural beauty. When you feel good and at peace with yourself, your beauty speaks for itself. We only use natural active ingredients, oils and extracts, most of which come from organic cultivation and/or wild collection. In conjunction with innovative, state-of-the-art research, this guarantees uncompromising compatibility and maximum performance for your hair!

In 1994, John Masters, a leading stylist in New York City, had an idea that was as simple as it was radical. He believed that nature is the best source of pure beauty. His passion for healthy, holistic beauty has grown into a professional calling. John Masters began working with the finest organic ingredients, inviting clients to his small Manhattan apartment. He soon opened the world's first "Clean Hair Salon" in Soho. It was a revolutionary living room concept that used no harmful dyes and no chemical treatments, not even hairspray. That was the birth of John Masters Organics shampoos and conditioners.
Josh Rosebrook Logo The skin has an extraordinary ability to heal itself. Josh Rosebrook would like to support this powerful regeneration process and to promote this transformation to more luminosity, vitality and health with the right natural ingredients. The original source of nutrients necessary for regeneration can be found in nature: plants, herbs, nuts, fruits, seeds, leaves and flowers. Plants contain a variety of phytonutrients that have molecular and structural similarities to our skin and share and support the same natural regenerative abilities.

"All the botanical ingredients in my products are 100% organic or wild-collected. Because there is a perfect level of purity here that yields exponential benefits as the ingredients are not inhibited by potentially disruptive, harmful, or unnecessary ingredients. The The body can take full advantage of these nutrients, resulting in effective healing and healthy, balanced skin."
Kia Charlotta Logo The idea for Kia Charlotta came about because it was difficult for me (Kia) to find vegan, more natural and at the same time high-quality make-up. When I once again painted my nails and noticed that the nail polish I had was old and not vegan and also contained harmful ingredients, I had enough. The vegan market is growing, people are looking for conscious and healthy options, and consumers are starting to develop a simpler and minimalist lifestyle. So I decided to just do it myself. :) That was the birth of Kia Charlotta.

Our motto is "Beauty With a Soul" and it is important for us to make the entire value chain transparent and sustainable. We wanted to go with Kia Charlotta create a brand that is as compatible as possible for people and nature and at the same time completely dispenses with animal ingredients or even animal testing. All our Kia Charlotta Products are 100% vegan, but at the same time convince with their very high quality and coverage.
Kimberly Sayer Logo After graduating in Beauty Therapy, Kimberly practiced as a beautician in New York and London for more than 10 years at prestigious spas including Warren Tricomi. Building on the experience she gained, she combined her scientific knowledge with her passion for natural ingredients and developed her skin care line of the same name, Kimberly Sayer ofLondon. Their expertise and products have developed an impressive following of celebrities including Paula Abdul, Ione Skye and Shalom Harlow. Their products have won multiple awards, including Best Daytime Moisturizer with SPF 2016 and Best Anti Acne Product 2016 by Gorgeously Green Beauty Awards.

All products from Kimberly Sayer contain only the finest, steam-distilled, certified organic ingredients such as Oat Beta Glucan, seaweed, rare Ugandan shea butter and powerful anti-aging botanicals such as their patented ingredient Plant Pseudocollagen.
Kjaer Weis logo Founded by makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, KW fuses a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic with the raw New York vibe. Kjaer creates makeup that is as beautiful on the skin as it is in the uniquely designed luxurious and sustainable packaging. Whether foundation, mascara, eye shadow or the famous cream blush, Kjaer weis Products impress with their value.

Kirsten Kjaer Weis: "Scandinavia is quiet, withdrawn, minimalist. New York is fierce and vehement. The two worlds seem so different, but they can work together. Kjaer Weis is both. A pioneer who uncompromises luxury and sustainability connected to each other. The refill solutions from Kjaer Weis are unique. Simple, but not ordinary. Beautiful, but always honest. We love it when things are done right and last a long time.
Konniaku logo Environmental influences, unhealthy food, stress or hormonal changes can negatively affect the complexion, impurities increase and the skin looks pale and slack. Cleansing products can put additional strain on the skin, dry it out or bring it out of its natural balance.

A look at the Far East promises a remedy: Asian women have been using Konjac sponges for skin care for thousands of years, conjuring up their undeniably flawless complexion. Inspired by it, brings konnìaku the Asian tradition to Europe. 1 pure raw material, 6 ingredients - konnìaku Konjac sponges is a line of 6 skin-caring sponges that can be individually adapted to every skin need for cleaning. Obtained from 100% pure konjac root, the konjac sponge gently cleanses the skin areas of the face, neck or décolleté without irritating them. The pH value of the skin is protected and the protective acid mantle is maintained. The Konjac sponges can be used with cleaning products, for applying or removing make-up.
Kure Bazaar Logo Kure Bazaar was founded by Kartika Luyet and Christian David, the founder of the perfume brand Honoré des Prés. Like many other women before her, Kartika began to consume more consciously during her pregnancy. She missed longevity and great, shiny colors with the natural nail polish brands of the time.

She began to deal intensively with the topic, learned from experts, teamed up with a renowned cosmetics laboratory and founded her own brand! The goal was to develop an alternative that was as natural as possible, but which should have exactly the same color brilliance, durability and the same great shine as high-quality conventional nail polish brands. Inspired by the trends on the streets of Paris and created with up to 90% natural-based ingredients Kure Bazaar since then wonderfully trendy colors that embody a very unique Parisian style.

Extraordinarily beautiful colors - that's what women want!
La Canopée Logo La Canopée was founded by Cécile and Juliette. Cecile has specialized as a chemist in green chemistry and is the expert for natural cosmetics. Cecile is the soul of La Canopée, with her passion for nature and plants, she developed the recipes for all products. Juliette is for the design of La Canopée and responsible for communication. She is responsible for the apt design, which perfectly reflects her French roots as well as her love for nature.

Both founders come from Grasse, where they decided in 2016 La Canopée to develop. Grasse is the capital of perfume, and therefore a truly inspiring city, with a noticeable passion for high-quality raw materials and beautiful products. This passion also manifests itself in Cecile and Juliette. They began to create cosmetics that work effectively, are made from 100% natural raw materials and are accessible to everyone. At the same time and in keeping with their origins, they smell and care for La Canopée Products wonderful and unmistakably "French".
Lamixtura Logo Amaia and Silvia are the two founders of Lamixtura. Two skin care professionals with the ambition to create effective natural cosmetics that treat people and the environment with respect. As pharmacists, galenists, skin physiology students and tireless cosmetic ingredient analysts, we have dedicated our entire professional lives to the science of skin care.

In our continuous search for effective cosmetic ingredients, the same success factor showed up again and again: origin and naturalness! Passion fruit seed oil, acacia peptides, cork oak extracts... the deeper we researched, the more convinced we were of the effectiveness of these precious ingredients. The question arose between us, what if we would apply the knowledge we have accumulated over the years in research & development to the formulation of natural cosmetic products? Lamixtura was born!
Last object logo Frustrated with all the single-use products, Is decidedabel Aagaard design innovative solutions to our wasteful habits. Sustainable, reusable alternatives with a positive impact on our environment. LastObject was born!

"Our values ​​at LastObject: Our products have to reduce the environmental impact by at least a factor of 10 compared to traditional single-use products. We build premium products that are easy to use and great design - "good enough" is not good enough - we are obsessed with our products. The entire value chain from start to finish is consistently sustainable. We are based in Copenhagen, where all of our products are designed and prototyped. We have production facilities in both Denmark and China. "Isabel Aagaard, Founder of LastObject
Le Beach Every time you walk on the sandy beach, smell the salt of the sea and feel the sun on your skin, a feeling of calm arises. A day at the beach energizes my soul, says Michelle Tan, the founder of Le Beach.

Le Beach arose out of my struggle with lung problems, which I've had since I was a baby. My mother found that the clean, fresh air at the beach made it easier for me to breathe and accelerate healing. Thanks to my mom, my childhood memories are now filled with building sandcastles and playing on the beach after school, eating coconut ice cream and exotic fruits. The sound of the waves relaxes me, gives me new energy and my skin and hair look stunning without using a lot of cosmetics.
Le Rouge Francais Flowers on your lips - plant color as a globally unique know-how! Chic, sustainable and modern, a color explosion of plant-based colors! Le Rouge Français combines unique expertise in the extraction of vegetable color pigments with an unmistakable, sophisticated French elegance. Encased in stunningly beautiful packaging.

For me, lipstick is a source of strength and glamour, says Élodie Carpentier, founder of French Red. I went in search of dye plants that have been used for thousands of years and the history of these plants inspired me to create a new paradigm in natural cosmetics. Conventional brands have traditionally used synthetic or mineral pigments to add color to their makeup products. Not because they want it that way, but because there are simply no alternatives. At Le Rouge Français, we break new ground and offer pigments derived from pure vegetable color sources that also have exceptional skin-friendly properties. This is our savoir faire!
Leaf Shave Logo Hello, we are Adam Simone and Adam Hahn. We wanted to create a product from scratch that many use every day. We wanted to make a better razor, a razor that lasts, that has quality and looks great. It turned out that a better shaver is also better for the environment!

Our unique pivoting head guarantees easy handling and adapts to all curves. Greater optimal blade spacing than a traditional cartridge razor reduces irritation and ingrown hairs for a more comfortable shave. The Leaf and The Twig safety razors have a modern, perfectly balanced design and are wonderfully heavy in the hand. The material is extremely durable, the razors hardly clog and are easy to rinse out. And by the way, with their elegant design, they make a super figure on your washbasin.
Leahlani Logo Leahlani is an artisanal skin care manufacturer from Hawaii. It is based on the island's lush flowering plants, nutrient-rich nectars and rich tropical beauty oils. Produced by hand, refine the highly concentrated Leahlani Skincare formulations improve the complexion and let the skin shine in its natural glow.

Leah Klasovsky is the founder of Leahlani. As a holistic beautician, she has treated countless beautiful faces over the years. Across all ages and skin types, she realized that all customers are essentially looking for the same thing, a way to love their skin! Leah loved her clients' difficulty in finding a beauty routine that would give them the complexion and glow they were looking for. Inspired and determined, Leah set out to create the skin care line with the extraordinary natural ingredients of her beloved Hawaii Leahlani to develop skincare. With the goal that Leahlani would turn an everyday routine into a cherished ritual.
Lilifox Miami logo Welcome To The Aromatic Beautysphere: A Sensory Universe. Selected flavors. Skin care you can experience. Conceived in 2014 by Alexis Rose at the swimming pool. Perfumer, aromatherapist and expert in cosmetic formulations. A Miami-based lover of beautiful things. A connoisseur and former wine professional with expertise in fine, sensual seductions.

Just as couture designers touch a texture and envision the form, we touch the exotic and envision how it might transform. We have ours Lilfox Formulations developed for the discerning skincare connoisseur. Our process is measured yet unconventional. We blend the finest natural oils, unrefined butter, rare earths and vibrant hydrosols with aromatic essential oils, moonlit crystals and vibrant plant energies. We then refine our elixirs with generous concentrations of clinically proven active ingredients that further enhance the potency and performance of the formula.
Lily Lolo Logo We have achieved a lot since Lily Lolos founder Vikki started mixing her own wonderful mineral creations at home over 10 years ago. Lily Lolo, named after Vicki's two sisters, creates high-quality mineral make-up that emphasizes the natural beauty of every woman. Whether your skin is dry, oily or somewhere in between, Lily Lolo Mineral makeup gives a flawless complexion without clogging or irritating the skin. "We believe that beauty has countless faces, which is why we develop our products for all women, regardless of style, age and skin color."

Every single one Lily Lolo Mineral makeup product is non-comedogenic and provides lightweight and natural coverage without clogging pores. Even the most sensitive skin types are not irritated. Lily Lolo Makeup is made to a strict code of quality, with no parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, dyes or other harmful chemicals. Lily Lolo: "Our passion for natural makeup, and the power of makeup to transform the way you look and feel, is at the heart of what we do. Try our mineral makeup, like ours Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation, Big Lash Mascara, BB Cream, Mineral Blush or our Mineral Powders!"
Lima Cosmetics Logo Lima is a natural, vegan cosmetics manufacturer based in the Hungarian lowlands. Founded by Márta Akpinar-Lele in 2016, Lima makes high quality soaps, body butters and scented candles. Lima uses selected organic certified plant extracts, cold-pressed oils and 100% pure essential plant oils. Most of the ingredients are sourced from small farmers and organic family farms. Each product is lovingly handcrafted and then packaged plastic-free.

Márta Akpinar-Lele: As a teenager I often had problems with my skin, pimples, large pores and blackheads bothered me a lot. That was the time when I tried natural cosmetics for the first time. I was immediately enthusiastic about the natural effect of the medicinal plants and aromatherapeutic oils and my complexion improved noticeably. From that moment on, I dealt intensively with natural cosmetics and, after four years of product development, founded my own small cosmetics factory in Hungary in the summer of 2016: Lima Cosmetics!
Lola's Apothecary Logo The founder of Lola's Apothecary, Dominic Phillips, grew up on an idyllic farm in Devon. From an early age he was surrounded by the beauty of the British countryside. He climbed trees, fed lambs, swam in the River Taw and was always amazed at the many wonders of nature around him. Another defining part of his childhood was his first spa experience during a family holiday in Greece.

With the desire to combine his passions for wellness and nature in a holistic vision, Dominic set out to develop a range of natural couture beauty products. Handcrafted by inspired artisans on his family estate in Devon. The beautifully designed products combine fine fragrances with effective natural skin care and bring the Raffinesse and the glamor of luxury cosmetics back into the realm of natural beauty. "With a passion for nature and with the power of the earth, we are very proud of our sustainably obtained small natural wonders in order to be able to offer holistic healing and luxurious benefits for your skin." Dominic Philpps, Founder.
Luna Bronze Luna Bronze is tan minus sun plus skin care. Luna Bronze is an Australian self-tanning and skin care brand. It was founded after a founder was diagnosed with skin cancer. This attack by the sun immediately confronted us with the harmful effects that sun rays can have.

We still wanted a natural looking tan all year round but without sun damage. We then tested several products, but were not satisfied, neither with the scent, the tanning results nor with the ingredients of the creams. That prompted us to design a product ourselves. Our goal was a sunless tan combined with skin care without any risk. And we did it! Luna Bronze was born.
Mádara Logo Madara Cosmetics: It's about more than looking pretty. It's about our well-being, the choices we make and the values ​​we respect. For us people in the north - often introverted and a bit lonely - inner values ​​have always been more important than outer appearance. That's why we persist Mádara Cosmetics on really effective ingredients, honest promises, careful processing and respect for nature and people.

Plants with extraordinary properties have developed in the harsh Nordic climate. Deep roots, bitter leaves, and gnarled bark have healed wounds and saved lives. This knowledge, passed down through generations, still flows in our veins. And today, as then, we can state that nature offers everything we need. This creed is reflected in the Mádara skincare, Mádara Hair care as well as in Mádara makeup reflected. Many innovative and award-winning products have emerged from this approach, such as the Skin Equal Foundation, the Anti-Pollution CC Cream, the Luminous Perfecting Concealer, the Sunscreen SPF 30 or the SOS Hydra and Time Miracle care lines.
Manasi 7 Logo The Swedish high-end cosmetics brand Manasi 7 was founded by Susanne Manasi. After more than 20 years of experience as a professional make-up artist and 6 years in cosmetic product development, she felt that truly natural and environmentally friendly premium cosmetics that also met the highest standards did not exist on the market. This was the trigger point for her to start her own brand - Manasi 7 was born.

Manasi 7 stands for high-quality, timeless and multifunctional cosmetics made from sustainably produced ingredients. The line is designed in such a way that it can be adapted to every need and skin tone and all nuances can be individually combined with each other.
Merme Berlin Logo The Australian Claire Ralstons developed her passion for purely natural facial care during her studies at the Australian College of Natural Beauty. Claire was particularly interested in the effectiveness of non-invasive and natural beauty methoden. After ten years in the magazine and beauty industries, she came to the sad realization that even supposedly "natural" skincare products were full of unnecessary chemicals and toxins.

Her new home in Berlin confirmed her belief in the importance of quality, practicality and simplicity. “In Australia, I had a number of products and steps in my routine, a hallmark of beauty culture there. People are less interested in ingredients and more guided by advertising. In Germany, on the other hand, people usually use less and pay attention to quality. It was stimulating and reminded me of my time with my grandmother Merme on the farm. Their way of life inspired me and I found a lot of that in the Berlin slow movement. That's why the name of my brand was decided very quickly."
Mirins Copenhagen Logo Mirins Copenhagen offers natural bath and body care products. The Danish company only uses natural and organically grown ingredients. All products are free from preservatives, free from synthetic additives and free from artificial perfumes. The formulations are based on herbalism and aromatherapy with the aim of elevating mood and pampering the body. Any product from Mirins Copenhagen is handcrafted to ensure the highest quality.

Their philosophy goes beyond the products: all packaging is made from 100% biodegradable and recycled materials while maintaining the beautiful Scandinavian aesthetic. Jane, the founder of Mirins Copenhagen, is a certified aromatherapist who used her creativity, passion and expertise to create the signature aromatherapy blends. Mirins aims to create products that best suit your skin and your mood.
Nailberry Logo Sonia Hully founded Nailberry in 2012. The brand started out as a luxury nail care spa in Chelsea London and quickly grew into a multi award winning nail polish collection with premium finishes. Noticing that her clients often complained about dry and damaged nails, Sonia developed a range of nail polishes to help specifically address these issues.

The result was the winning one Nailberry L'Oxygéné collection. Based on a specially patented technology, the Nailberry L'Oxygéné nail polishes offer healthy, durable and really beautiful and elegant colors. the Nailberry-Philosophy based on sensitivity to nail health and beauty and respect for the environment and nature. All Nailberry Nail polishes are breathable, permeable to oxygen and water, 12 Free, vegan, cruelty-free, Halal certified and gluten-free! Customers who are making the switch from conventional to Nailberry Make varnishes are from your first Nailberry Purchase usually completely entranced. The quality and durability of the 12 Free nail polishes makes for a really great customer experience.
Naturallogic Logo Holistic high-performance skin care, that's how Toni, the positive-dynamic founder of Naturallogic your products. "Every single ingredient in our potent formulas has a function and serves your skin. The all-natural ingredients intensively nourish the skin from the surface to the skin cells. The result is healthy, glowing skin."

Toni has been part of the production since 2007 Naturallogic powerful and multifunctional skin care products in Pennsylvania. The skin is the largest organ in our body, but unfortunately also the last one that receives nutrients from the food we eat. Naturallogic focuses with its formulations on supplying the skin with the important nutrients it needs to maintain and restore a healthy balance. The care products work gently and yet powerfully to promote health and vitality and to protect them effectively from harmful environmental changes.

"Nature knows what it's doing. We know Nature." Toni, founder of Naturallogic
Naya Logo Sarah, the founder of Naya. Sarah's curiosity literally took her around the globe. The idea arose on her travels to Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia, Thailand, Bali and 60 other countries and inspired by local rituals, remedies and herbs Naya Bring Glow to life. "We use fewer ingredients but in higher concentrations," says Sarah. She finds that a "less is more" approach is not only more sustainable for the planet, but also more sustainable for the skin.

Naya Glow delivers exactly the nutrients that the skin needs without unnecessarily stacking many different ingredients on top of each other.

The quality of the ingredients is the key to high-quality cosmetic products. We combine carefully selected bioactive plant extracts with clinically proven active ingredients. Our oils effectively support a healthy skin balance and activate the skin's inherent ability to repair itself. They are produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards and contain neither synthetic components nor nice-to-have ingredients.
Noelie Logo Hair coloring rethought! Natural herbal hair colors with medicinal herbs let the hair shine - without any chemicals! The power of Noelie Herbal hair colors are based on a variety of exquisite, extra finely ground medicinal herbs and superfoods. Selected bioavailable active ingredients such as jiaogulan, also known as immortality herb, hemp proteins and acacia collagen strengthen the hair fiber from the inside. Healing moor extract, with a uniquely high concentration of humic acids, minerals and trace elements, as well as many other different medicinal herbs, enhance the effect. As superfoods in the Noelie Healing Herbs Hair Colors also include a unique antioxidant complex made from very stable tannins from the tara tree and an extract from sunflower sprouts. This all-natural formulation ensures long-lasting color results and helps repair chemically treated hair.

The woman behind Noelie is Bahar Krahn. The hairdresser and beautician, make-up artist and pharmacist made a name for herself in 2012 with the founding of the beauty institute Be Organic in Wiesbaden. Be Organic isn't just a name - it's Bahar's attitude and promise. Initially, Bahar worked with third-party brands at the Be Organic Institute, but was not happy with the results. Inspired by her own customers, as well as with a lot of passion, experience and a lot of heart, she developed her own products over the last 10 years - the birth of Noelie.
Nui Berlin Logo

NUI Cosmetics was founded by Swantje van Uehm. Swantje worked in the cosmetics industry for many years and missed one thing above all, vegan products with packaging and ingredients to suit your taste. A classic, bright red lipstick without synthetic ingredients and vegan did not exist until now. That was the beginning of NUI Cosmetics, based on the belief that no animal has to suffer for a sexy red lipstick.

NUI Cosmetics offers high-performance make-up in chic colors and a modern design at fair prices. We use silky textures and mild ingredients for our natural cosmetics brand to emphasize your natural beauty and keep your skin healthy. The word "NUI" stands for "terrific" among the New Zealand Maori people - and that's how every woman with NUI Cosmetics should feel! NUI Cosmetics stands for high quality, stylish and caring make-up that respects your health, our planet and the environment.

Nuud Logo Fresh armpits worldwide, that is the goal of Nuud! Martijn Pieter van Seters, co-founder of Nuud: We were bothered by the disadvantages of traditional deodorants and we were convinced that if we just started to think about deodorants from the ground up, they could be solved. So we went looking for an alternative formula that won't clog pores, is based on natural ingredients, won't leave yellow stains and so on. But above all, it had to be effective. And what we came up with is very effective.

The groundbreaking natural deodorant from Nuud prevents odor by neutralizing bacteria with microsilver. Nuud only needs to be applied once or twice a week!
Oden Logo Oden, the power of French plants. Marion and Laurence Weber, the mother-daughter founding team of Oden: "We want to set an example in the cosmetics industry and prove that it is possible to create exceptional products with regionally grown ingredients while respecting and promoting bio-diversity. Our natural ingredients are not sent to us from all over the world, to be mixed in our French laboratory. All our products are made exclusively from French plants! "

In addition to the quality of the ingredients Oden, the following maxims are important for Marion and Laurence: transparency & traceability, knowing where, how and by whom the plants were grown. Gentle extraction method - all virgin oils are obtained by first cold press extraction and are unrefined (except sea buckthorn oil). By promoting local plants, we offer our partner farmers additional income. We press our oils as needed, which guarantees exceptional freshness. Our extremely simple and effective formula for our virgin oils is: 99,8% vegetable oil and 0.2% natural vitamin E - nothing else for us!
Ogaenics Logo Ogaenics offers dietary supplements made from 100% herbal ingredients in organic quality without additives. Ogaenics Products consist exclusively of extracts from fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, algae, herbs and plants. The high-quality dietary supplement products manufactured in Germany provide the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements and also contain their naturally occurring co-factors and co-nutrients such as phytochemicals or bioflavonoids.

The taking of Ogaenics can therefore be compared to eating high-quality organic food – but in a much more concentrated form! They are transported into the bloodstream faster and more easily tolerated than is the case with synthetic vitamin and mineral products. All Ogaenics Ingredients have a scientifically proven effect. Make your own experiences and test and rate bestsellers such as Love Your Gut, Mrs. Do-It-All, Hairleluja Hair Complex or the Timeless Anti Wrinkle Complex.
Okoko Cosmetiques The award-winning Okoko cosmetics line offers visible results of the highest quality. Purpose-driven, results-driven skincare products built on innovation, dedication and transparency. Founder Oyéta Kokoroko's passion for finding effective solutions for stress-free and healthy skin is reflected in every product. Her interest in beauty began when she was trying to find solutions to her acne. Controversial ingredients were out of the question for you and natural alternatives, while having safe ingredients, lacked creativity and few contained active ingredients used in clinical skin care. That was the start for Okoko Cosmétiques. In the meantime, Oyéta has already won more than 25 awards for your skin care!

The Oyéta promise: “Our high-performance formulations contain a high concentration of premium plant-based ingredients combined with scientifically proven cosmeceuticals. The exclusive ingredients are ideally balanced to maximize the delivery and effectiveness of key active ingredients. Naturally derived and sustainably sourced ingredients that are safe, harmless and exceptionally effective.
Ooh! Oils of Heaven Logo Ooh! Oils of Heaven from England make beauty oils accessible to a wider audience. Oils of Heaven were the first to bring pure cacay oil to the UK market, the sensational oil from Colombia with 50% more vitamin E and twice the linoleic acid of argan oil and 3 times more retinol than rosehip oil and that should at least get an Ooh! put on everyone's lips.

Ooh! Oils of Heaven get their oils mainly from small, local suppliers. The company tries to help women in particular to earn a living for themselves and for the community. The range of 100% pure oils without additives has grown steadily and now includes many popular varieties. These include the Marula Replenshing Oil, the Organic Hemp Face Oil, the Tamanu Rejuvenating Oil or the fine oils made from raspberry seeds and apricot kernels.
Oppidum Logo Christophe Fargier is the founder of Oppidum. For a long time working as a sales manager in a consulting company, he quit his corporate job at the end of 2018 in order to completely focus on himself Oppidum and to concentrate on soap production. Like many others, Christophe developed skin problems a few years ago and started making his own soaps in his kitchen. What started as a personal hobby has now become his calling. In the southwest of France, near Toulouse, Christophe and his partner have their factory in the middle of nature Oppidum Workshop set up.

Christophe: We focus on people who want to make the switch to natural skincare, people who take a “slow cosmetics” approach. Our soaps have received both Slow Cosmetics and Cosmos Organic certification. In our Oppidum Workshop Manufaktur, we produce soaps by hand with the utmost care and according to the old rules of art. In addition to the quality and naturalness, the fine foam and fragrance are particularly important to us. The olfactory dimension of our soaps should inspire and combine care with pure pleasure.
OZN Logo Nina Scarabela: "I love nail polish, I'm a nail polish junkie! But I also love people and beautiful things and the idea of ​​creating something that corresponds 100% to my ideas and principles. My many years of experience in the beauty sector have given me a lot taught, but above all that I can and only want to sell something that I think is great myself and would also buy myself! OZN I am in the wonderful position of being able to do just that. As the creative head of the LabelI can devote myself entirely to the artwork and the products, while my great business partner David takes care of all the commercial things.

Our vegan 22+ Free OZN Nail polishes consist of a plant-based formula. 90% of the ingredients we use are obtained from sustainably cultivated, plant-based raw materials such as wood, potatoes, beetroot, spelled, sugar cane, cassava or corn. In addition to the highest product quality, it is particularly important to us that we work as little as possible with harmful chemical ingredients. 
PF Candle Co. For PF Candle Co., fragrance is an extension of our home design. PF Candle creates high-quality scented candles and home fragrances at affordable prices. That's what Kirsten Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger, the founders of PF Candle Co. What began as a one-woman operation in 2008 is now a team designing, manufacturing and packaging our scented candles, diffusers and room sprays in Los Angeles. As we grow, so does our commitment to sustainability, to our planet, and to our people who make it all possible.

After losing her job during the 2008 recession, Kirsten left New York and moved to Austin, Texas. That's where she met Tom, and soon she opened an Etsy shop in the second bedroom of her house, selling scented candles, bookends, buttons, and more. She named the shop after her DIY blog: french fries. After (too) many questions about this whole fries thing, the Pommes Frites Candle Co. became the PF Candle Co. To make things easier.
Pure U The PURE U. we develop natural make-up for sensitive skin. Free of irritating ingredients and gentle on the skin, even people with sensitive skin can achieve a radiant and healthy appearance without putting unnecessary strain on the skin. That's what Carla Ströher and Leo Erdsieck, the two founders of, say PURE U.

Hormonal acne was the trigger for PURE U. After stopping the pill, Carla suffered from severe acne. In order to better understand the needs of her skin and the development of impurities and to improve the appearance of her skin in the long term, she intensively dealt with care and make-up products, skin health and ingredients. Since she could hardly find any natural cosmetic brands that only produce nourishing make-up, she simply took the development of make-up according to her ideas into her own hands. The idea of Pure U. was born - make-up tailored to sensitive skin with exclusively nourishing ingredients.
RAAW Alchemy Trice Angie Christiansen, founder of RAAW By Trice: "Welcome to RAAW Alchemy - my exclusive Clean Beauty collection, made from organic, sustainable and wild-harvested ingredients. My products are highly concentrated with carefully selected, antioxidant-rich algae and powerful plant extracts. Every single product is crafted with love to pamper your skin and your senses with nourishing, efficient and luxurious ingredients. I hope you will join my fine RAAW universe."

After experiencing an allergic reaction to a conventional high-end brand, like many other women, I was looking for skincare with pure ingredients and high-quality products that was also elegant. I couldn't find it - so I created my own. The first product was the "Miracle Oil", named for the miraculous powers it contained that cured my eczema...and that's how it all started. Then the Blue Beauty Drops and the Drops of Gold were added.
Rahua Logo Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner - known for pure ingredients and excellent performance - was created by a wonderful coincidence. Fabian Lliguin, a well-known barber in New York City, visited the Amazon rainforest as an environmentalist. He was educating the indigenous people about their land and human rights when he found himself surrounded by women with beautiful long, shiny hair. The secret, said the women, was Rahua-Oil.

For centuries, members of the tribe who live deep in the rainforest have used this oil to care for their hair and skin. With a bottle Rahua-Oil in his luggage, Fabian came back to NYC. In his salon on Fifth Avenue, as an experiment and without great expectations, he decided to use the oil to treat a customer with very dry and damaged hair. After 10 minutes, her hair was transformed: from brittle and lifeless to healthy, shiny and springy. Fabian knew that he was holding something very special in his hands and also knew that he had to be respectful of it. Rahua-Oil has been and is produced by the Quechua-Shuar tribe in the same ritualistic and sustainable way for generations.
Ranavat Logo Inspired by the extraordinary dedication to "self-care" in India and Ayurvedic care rituals, Michelle developed Ranavat an exclusive skin care line, which she describes as a fusion of modern alchemy and romance. "My professional experience taught me early on that only working with the essentials leads to noticeable results. Every active ingredient has its place in my carefully composed formulations. Every ingredient is methodically extracted, preserved for its healing properties and used for the benefit of the skin. "

Rooted in rituals. Treat your skin like royalty! Ranavat stands for the most modern Ayurvedic skin care with the best natural ingredients. Just as one's own well-being depends on a healthy diet and regular exercise, beautiful skin only comes from persistence. Skincare and self-care can't be an occasional occurrence - find your favorite products and make skincare a daily ritual!
RMS Beauty Logo Rose-Marie Swift has been a makeup artist for over 35 years. Her portfolio includes the famous faces of Gisele Bunchen, Miranda Kerr, Tilda Swinton, Demi Moore, Sophia Coppola, Celine Dion, Gretchen Moll and Isabel Rossalini.

A few years ago, Rose-Marie began to have health problems. She learned that her blood contained toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead, and mercury, as well as high levels of pesticides and other chemicals. Until then, she had no idea that cosmetics could contribute to serious health problems. After years of rebuilding her own health, Rose-Marie decided she wanted to help other women claim their right to healthy beauty. To achieve this goal, she founded RMS Beauty.

RMS Beauty-Products are based on mostly organically grown ingredients of the highest quality. They are processed in their natural form, allowing their nourishing and healing properties to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin. In their purest form, enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants are fully preserved. 
Ruhi Rituals Logo ch would like to bring soothing rituals closer to women and men with ruhi - asking them to take time for themselves and to find their natural glow. That's what Britta, the founder of ruhi, says. Before founding ruhi, she wrote about clean skincare topics on When she became pregnant, she became more interested in a holistic approach to beauty. During her extensive studies of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy, she discovered many exciting, ancient medicinal plants, but also traditional beauty rituals such as dry brush massages, cupping treatments and facial massage techniques. Britta began to integrate these simple applications into her everyday life and soon noticed how good they were for her: "They reduce everyday stress, have a relaxing effect, give new energy and, incidentally, beautify my skin!" The idea too spiritual was born!

Ruhi is Persian and stands for soul, spirituality and essence. Ruhi relies on holistic self-care rituals that stimulate our self-healing powers, increase well-being and make our skin shine again. High-quality self-care tools made from natural materials such as wood, stone or copper are processed in the traditional way and mostly manufactured in Germany. With the minimalist design and beautiful packaging made from recycled paper, nothing stands in the way of your own self-care ritual!
Salt & Stone Salt & Stone is a California skincare brand founded in 2017. The products of Salt & Stone were designed for women and men with a focus on natural, organically grown ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Salt & Stone: "We use natural and organically grown ingredients because they are scientifically proven to have a higher proportion of essential nutrients than conventional raw materials." All Salt & Stone Formulated without artificial fragrances, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates and synthetic colors. 

Salt & Stone: "We create essential skincare products, developed especially for all who are called to explore, escape, and revel in their experiences. We never compromise, and use only the finest plant-based, natural, non-toxic, and antioxidant rich ingredients. The result is a superior collection of products that optimize your body and enhance your daily journey. "
Sandawha Logo SanDaWha specializes in anti-pollution cosmetics. The most important ingredient is the red camellia (Camellia Japonica) from the UNESCO-protected volcanic island of Jeju. SanDaWha extracts the camellia extract and the unrefined camellia seed oil in a patented process with nitrogen. The flowers and seeds are processed particularly gently and rich in active ingredients. SanDaWha means "camellia" in Korean.

Camellia seed oil from Jeju Island has long been valued in Korea thanks to its antioxidant properties and is currently experiencing a new boom across national borders. The term "anti-polluaging" has meanwhile been coined in Korea. SanDaWhas Promise: To produce reliable natural cosmetics and always remain honest. For this purpose SanDaWha only selected natural ingredients are used. With the help of the latest technology, reliable products are then manufactured, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically tested. SanDaWha Products do not contain alcohol and are suitable for all skin types.
Sappho New Paradigm Logo JoAnn Fowler is the founder of Sappho New Paradigm. The Emmy-nominated and highly respected make-up artist from Canada has worked in the film industry for many years.

Together with Green Beauty experts, she developed a luxurious make-up line that rivals the performance of chemically manufactured cosmetics and consists of 100% natural and organic ingredients. For JoAnn, disclosure of ingredients, humane and environmentally friendly manufacturing and ethical and honest business conduct are the most important principles with which you run your company Sappho New Paradigm .

In a nutshell, the list looks like this: What we don't have: Parabens, Phthalates, Dimethicone, Talc, Mineral oil, Petrochemicals, Animal products, Soy, Gluten, FD&C “organic” dyes, GMOs, Nanoparticles, Formaldehyde Producing, Preservatives, Toulene, BHT, PEG, 1,4 dioxane, Fragrance or parfum, Triclosan and Petrolatum
Sasstie We are Sasstie! Do you know that too? Are you looking for something - something that should be easy to find - but after hours of searching and numerous Google tabs you can't find it? And you think to yourself all the time: "It can't be that you can't find it anywhere!" That's exactly how we felt when, after dozens of broken and scalp-scratching plastic hair clips, we finally wanted to treat ourselves to a higher-quality hair clip. Yes after searching and searching we found the choice so limited that the choice was either beautiful & inferior or expensive & dated.

We wanted to change that. In our small apartment in Düsseldorf, we tinkered and designed with our fashion-loving hearts, our passion for beautiful design and our demand for high-quality materials to develop the best and most beautiful hair clips. Our all-day hold technology ensures the best possible hold, while our all-day comfort standards with gently rounded edges and a carefully polished surface are particularly gentle on your hair and scalp. Rethink hairstyling with us Sasstie!
Seifenmacher Logo Soap Opera – curtain up on natural soaps! At the beginning there is the caustic soda. Solid fats (coke oil, cocoa butter and shea butter) are melted in the soap kettle and liquid base oils such as sunflower oil are weighed. The more valuable essential oils and other natural ingredients (herbs, wood, spices) are carefully prepared for further processing. The base oils and now liquid fats are mixed until the much-cited soapy marriage takes place at exactly 40 degrees Celsius with the addition of the lye - congratulations!

The Seifenmacher Beat Urech - at home in Arosa, at home in the world - understands something about the miracle process of soap production, because as a trained druggist he was familiar with glycerin, lye and essential oils from a very early age. The result is real Arosa natural soaps - for face, body, hands, hair and soul. The natural soap manufactory is completely family-owned.

100% handmade, 100% natural soaps, 100% love | Handmade in Arosa, Switzerland
Shamanic Anja Raiser and Tilo Plöger are the two minds behind Shamanic. Anja started at the counter, then initially worked as a product manager for Color Cosmetics before setting up her film production with a focus on beauty and producing hundreds of tutorials for big brands here. After 25 years in the development departments of various cosmetic companies, Tilo realized that synthetic cosmetics only had short-term and superficial effects. Based on knowledge, experience and drive, the two now produce natural cosmetics that are highly effective, anhydrous and uncompromisingly based on unrefined, cold-pressed active oils from wild collections in the Amazon.

The name Shamanic refers to shamanic traditions and principles in the extraction and processing of raw materials, which takes place according to the knowledge and experience of the Amazon indigenous people. That Shamanic The Colors Make-up is inspired by the bright colors of the Amazon region. The natural formulations are based on nourishing resins, waxes and oils that are collected by hand directly in the rainforest. the Shamanic Make-up products are highly pigmented, nourishing, intensely colored and impress with their luminosity. 
Terrorists of Beauty Logo The two heads behind Terrorists Of Beauty are Mar and Natalie: "We live together in a large startup flat share in Hamburg. One day in 2018 we noticed that many roommates in our flat share wanted to say goodbye to shower gels and shampoos and instead tested plastic-free block soaps for showering. So did we . With moderate success. Somehow nothing out there was convincing enough (for us) to move away from plastic and chemicals in the bathroom in the long term."

Mar and Natalie wanted to do better and founded at the end of 2018 Terrorists Of Beauty. Their goal was to develop plastic-free soaps for hair, face and body and to shake up the established laws of the beauty industry. "We want to sell less and instead prefer to sell more of the right thing. That's why our natural soaps replace shampoo, facial cleanser and shower gel in one. We want to think and work sustainably and thereby make a contribution to this world.
The Glow Logo Free Your Skin - that's the motto of The Glow. Free the skin from everything that is not good for it. Anita Bechloch is the founder of The Glow and bestselling author of The Glow - Make your own natural cosmetics. The five basic products, Essentials, were created out of the desire to be the purest and most original cosmetic line on the market. Uncompromisingly pure, without synthetic ingredients and with a reduced but selected line-up of the best herbal ingredients in the world. In addition, the essentials are intended to show how simple and intuitive completely natural skin care can be.

Our five products can be easily combined with each other according to the modular principle in order to optimally cover every skin need. Moisture, moisturizing, protection - there is a product for every need that you can use sometimes more, sometimes less. Depending on what is good for the skin. More moisture? Floral Essence ensures a dewy complexion. Does your skin need light, anti-inflammatory care? The Everything Oil is the perfect choice. Is your skin dry and sallow? The Master Elixir brings back the glow. The skin feels rough and needs care? Wonderbalm lives up to its name. A thorough cleaning with gentle peeling? Cleansing Clay is the perfect partner.
The Innate Life Bhavna Kashyap, founder of The Innate Life of Indian background, was introduced to oils at a young age. As a child, your mother regularly massaged her scalp with hair oil. Bhavna initially hated the oils but later realized how beneficial they were for her scalp and hair. Bhavna: "During my teenage years I had very bad dry scalp, constant itching and even hair loss in places. Unfortunately, the remedies prescribed by doctors brought only temporary relief."

Out of disappointment with conventional medication, she simply developed her first product, the Dry Scalp Treatment, for herself. It took her a few months to get the right mix of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oils and herbs, but it was worth the wait. The treatment was exactly what Bhavna's scalp needed and worked better than any medication she had ever tried! That started her obsession with oil and The Innate Life followed shortly thereafter.
The Konjac Sponge Logo Information coming soon
The Nue Co. We are The Nue Co., a community advancing understanding of connected health. The Nue Co. was born out of a dream to positively impact the health of people and our planet. The company was founded by married couple Jules Miller and Charlie Gower. Jules began looking into supplements to help cope with her long battle with irritable bowel syndrome. She quickly discovered that 50% of most supplements on the market are made with synthetic fillers and processed ingredients. Inspired by their grandfather, a doctor and lecturer at Cambridge University, the couple set out to develop a nutritional supplement line that combines the best of science and nature, using clean, sustainable and clinically proven ingredients to deliver effective results!

We are pro-science and combine science and natural innovation to provide optimal solutions. We work with clinically proven ingredients paired with the best practices of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. We are Pro-Clean - our formulas are free of toxic preservatives, additives, flavors and sweeteners. We are Pro-Planet and believe in conscious consumption.
The Smilist The Smilist puts a smile on your face. Every woman and every man should be able to experience the power of a beautiful smile. That's what the three founders of The Smilist, François Bonnat, Ivan Kricak and Dr. Christiane Bonnat. And since a beautiful smile is primarily the expression of a healthy body, or more precisely of a balanced oral microbiota, we have to start in depth.

Almost 6 billion bacteria representing more than 700 bacterial species make up our oral microbiota. A complex ecosystem that represents the fundamental basis for oral health. A disruption in this balance can cause pathogenic bacteria to spread uncontrollably and colonize on both the teeth and gums, causing diseases such as periodontitis and tooth decay.

The products of The Smilist start right here, getreu the motto balanced oral flora = healthy oral flora. The goal of toothpaste, brush and serum is to support and maintain the oral system so that gums and teeth can stay healthy while looking good. The heart of the formulations is the combination of a patented Solidago flower extract and prebiotics. Scientific tests have proven the powerful effects of Solidago flower extract on 7 harmful microorganisms in the mouth.
This Place Laura Simonow is the founder and the face behind it This Place Organics. Laura has been interested in the positive effects of natural cosmetics on the body for a long time. “I am concerned with the positive effects of natural ingredients on the organism. There are plant substances in nature that can support us and our bodies. A large part of our knowledge from conventional medicine is basically based on nature. This simple insight inspired me This Place "To found Organics". 

The products of This Place organics stand for deceleration, mindfulness and well-being. Living in harmony with our body and pampering our skin and senses with powerful traditional and exotic plant extracts is our mantra This Place. The finest vegetable oils from hazelnut, babussa seeds, grape seeds or buriti seeds form the basis of the The Glow creams and facial oils. They are potentised with extracts from algae, blue tansy, bakuchiol or zinc and rounded off with hemp extract, which harmonizes and activates the body's self-healing powers.
Treu Make-up removal pads logo HEY! We are Katrin & Jen. We met in 2007 at the state fashion school in Stuttgart and have been friends ever since. Independently of each other, each of us founded our own Label with the same values: Eco - made in Germany - vegan. TREU & BÖRD SHÖRT were born! Something sensible and sustainable should be created from residual materials. The idea of ​​developing washable make-up removal pads and other accessories from soft sweat fabric quickly arose.

In addition to the soft classic made of double-layered, soft sweat, the duo made of sweat and terry cloth was added. The reusable make-up removal pads are sewn in the Treu Catherine's studio. And this is how sustainable products were created that are eco, made in Germany and vegan. Washable and sustainable make-up removal pads that you treu remains and scrunchies you love! The use of fair trade organic cotton is a matter of course for us and is part of the overall concept of Treu and Börd Shört.
Triumph & Disaster When I was about 13, my father gave me a framed poem called "IF" by Rudyard Kipling. It was a time when sons rebelled against fathers, and so the poem ended up in the bottom drawer. The poem is a father's advice to his son on how to be a man. It's about humility, honor, risk and reward.

More than two decades later, when the idea of ​​making skin care products for men grew inside me, these values ​​passed through my mind. Values ​​that I thought could help me shape a brand. Then when a tattered old poem on which Boden an old chest came to light, I read the line: "If you Triumph & Disaster no longer endangered, because both of you know you as a swindler, as a sham ”, and the brand for men was born.

The philosophy of Triumph & Disaster is to combine the best of science with the best of nature to create naturally derived yet scientifically engineered products that work. at Triumph & Disaster we use local ingredients such as horopito oil and ponga fern extract, mixed with scientifically proven and natural ingredients from around the world, such as clay from Australia, jojoba extract from Mexico and tamanu oil from Polynesia.
Und Gretel The Und Gretel As an international make-up artist, founder Christina Roth has worked with many stars and personalities from film, fashion and advertisingtreut. In the course of her many years of activity, she was repeatedly confronted with the question of make-up with natural ingredients that meet the highest standards. Make-up products from the natural cosmetics sector have so far lacked intense colors, fine textures and long-term durability.

Convinced that these claims must be possible on the basis of natural ingredients, Christina Roth found the perfect partner in the marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann. Together they set themselves the goal of creating the most beautiful and multi-faceted colors, transforming them into luxurious BDIH-certified cosmetic formulations and textures - and using the highest quality ingredients that only nature itself can offer. Without synthetic preservation. Without chemical ingredients. Without compromises. With that was Und Gretel Berlin born.

Voyages Imaginaires, these perfumes, created with complete freedom, invite us to see new horizons and to re-enchant life with poetry, daring and lust. They offer us a journey through time and space, in dreams and reality, through the past and into the future, with body and soul. 

As a professor at the ISIPCA (College of Perfume in Vesailles), Isabelle Doyen trained numerous perfumers, including Francis Kurkdjian and Mathilde Laurent. As a perfumer, she worked with Annick Goutal for many years and never left her side. During this time she also met her daughter Camille, who is "like a niece" to her.

Camille Goutal was a studio photographer before turning to perfumery. She "uses all her senses at once". In the shared lab alongside Isabelle Doyen she learned to be a “nose”. She has a very visual approach to the creation of perfumes and is the artistic director of Voyages Imaginaires accepted. Together with IsabelShe has created numerous perfumes for Goutal, including Songes, Mon Parfum Chéri and Ambre Fétiche.


Wabi Sabi Botanicals Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy of life. Finding the beauty in every aspect of imperfection, cherishing the moment knowing it will pass and honoring what is real and authentic.

For the founder of Wabi Sabi Botanicals, Elysse Crabtree, Wabi-Sabi is an important contrast to the hectic, consumerist culture we live in and the world of over-the-top perfection. Inspired by this philosophy, the California native founded Wabi-Sabi Botanicals after years of struggling with painful acne herself. Elysse discovered natural skin care for herself and although she was enthusiastic about the positive effects, it was not good for her sensitive skin. The reason was essential oils. She then partnered with Wabi-Sabi to create Botanicals, a modern, all-natural skincare brand that contains no essential oils, but instead contains adaptogens, caffeine, probiotics and vitamins, making it perfect for sensitive skin. "Skin care without essential oils doesn't have to be boring, we rely on the best exotic, skin-friendly botanicals, which we combine with gentle, scientifically proven active ingredients to achieve extraordinary results."
WA:IT Botanicals WA:IT was founded by Raffaella Grisa. As an advocate of a mindful beauty culture, she has WA:IT created a brand that reflects her philosophy of life and principles that she found on her travels around the world and in encounters with different cultures. As a long-time commuter between Italy and the Far East, she has dealt intensively with the different values, traditions and a holistic view of life.

With WA:IT she hopes to share a philosophy. Namely, to appreciate the present moment, to take care of yourself and to become aware of that self. Instead of being distracted from real life by the flow of urgent and important plans and mechanically executed tasks. The name WA:IT represents a combination of these contents... WA (the old name of Japan, but also harmony) to IT, which is the prefix of Italy. At the same time can WA:IT can be read in the English meaning of "waiting". Decelerate, become aware of yourself and give time only to yourself.
We Love The Planet Logo We Love The Planet was founded in 2015 in the Netherlands by Eva Klomp. As an active sportswoman, Eva knows what a deodorant has to do and the natural beautician in her is aware that everything that is applied to the skin also gets into the body.

We Love The Planet Deodorant was created out of love for our planet. It is important to us that we know what is in a product and where it comes from. The deodorants of We Love The Planet are produced in the Netherlands. They are wonderfully easy to apply and are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. We Love The Planet Deodorants are available as a deodorant cream in a compact, environmentally friendly tin can or as a practical deodorant stick in 100% paper packaging. We from We Love The Planet, sell products we love and believe in 100%. Because: We Love Deodorants!
Well Kept Logo Long-time friends Natalie and Emilie are the founders of Well Kept. A few years ago we decided to align the products we use and consume with our values. Little by little we had all the beautiful, sustainable and natural care products in our bathrooms and then realized with horror that the baby blue plastic razor was still lying around in the bathroom. The cheap disposable product was definitely out of place here.

We were looking for simple, high-quality shaves with an appealing aesthetic, but unfortunately couldn't find an alternative that was right for us. After a lot of research and tests, we made a decision Well Kept to create a sustainable and high-quality alternative to shaving. We wanted to create something that looks beautiful, feels good, is durable, environmentally friendly and shaves better too!
Whamisa Whamisa Natural cosmetics from Korea: WHA 花 means "flower", MI 女 stands for "beauty" and SA 四 for the number "4". It symbolizes the basis of our products: roots, seeds, flowers and fruits.

It is with the best ingredients from nature and the knowledge of science Whamisa succeeded in developing holistic, innovative and natural care. The base of the purely vegetable Whamisa Recipes form effective active ingredients, the effect of which is enhanced by the gentle fermentation process. This enzymatic conversion of organic substances is brought about by the addition of certain bacterial cultures. The natural microorganisms are able to form nutrients that are difficult or impossible to produce chemically. Valuable secondary plant substances, which the plants form to protect against environmental influences and other stresses, are concentrated and broken down into small molecules. This makes them particularly bioavailable and helps the skin to better absorb the active ingredients.
Wildcrafted Organics Logo The multiple award-winning Beautylabel Wildcrafted Organics is a holistic luxury skin care based on the unique botany of Australia. An exceptionally high concentration of valuable, bio-active botanicals are carefully selected to nourish, rebuild and protect your skin. Only certified ingredients from organic cultivation or from wild collections are used for the unique products. All raw materials are of the highest quality.

Founded Wildcrafted Organics by nutritionist and herbalist Nicole O'Sullivan. The divinely scented skincare line is the result of her love and respect for the incredible healing powers of plants and her desire to harness the unique essence of Australia's plant life in particular.
Ylumi Logo Ylumi was founded at the beginning of 2017 by the siblings Amely and Benjamin Kuchenbäcker. Ylumi was born from the search for a product that takes a holistic approach to body and mind, meets the highest quality standards and is easy to integrate into everyday life.

Health problems led Amely to a specialist in Traditional Chinese Herbology. Through acupuncture and herbal formulas, she soon felt an improvement in her health. Fascinated by the holistic approach of TCM, Amely began to study Chinese herbal medicine. Amely: "For a long time I've been looking for a herbal product made from tested herbs and medicinal mushrooms that could easily be integrated into my daily routine and has a positive effect on my organism and body. I found all sorts of offers on herbs from Asia on the Internet - reliable sources and However, quality information on ingredients was few and far between." That's why Amely turned to German manufacturers of dietary supplements, which they included in your project Ylumi have supported to set up. 100% vegan, tested, free from pesticides and heavy metals and without side effects.

A large selection of natural cosmetics brands 

In our online shop you will find a large selection of renowned natural cosmetics brands, such as RMS Beauty, The Glow, Innersense Organic Beauty, Ere Perez and Salt & Stone. We offer you high-quality, certified, luxurious natural cosmetics brands from all over the world. From natural cosmetic brands for face creams, Shower gels, body lotions, Shampoos, herbal hair dyes and much more, there should be something for every taste. We have the right product for you for every skin and hair type. Our range also includes therapy-related products that can alleviate skin conditions such as couperose and redness.

Natural cosmetics brands in our range 

Most of the natural cosmetics brands in our range carry recognized Labels that are 100% convincing as a clean brand. The raw materials contained come largely from organic cultivation or controlled wild collection. In the production of natural cosmetics, synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicones, paraffine and other mineral oil products. Instead of parabens, manufacturers use organic alcohol and essential oils in their skin care products. 

The cosmetic products from our manufacturers carry a seal of quality and are internationally recognized quality brands that have a very high quality standard for ingredients and production processes. In addition, the natural and effective skin care products are also 100% animal-free.

Buy environmentally friendly and healthy natural cosmetics from our brands

Natural cosmetic brands are the environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to conventional cosmetics. The products of the natural cosmetic brands are therefore even more attractive than conventional brands for cosmetic and skin care products because they do not contain any harmful substances. They do not harm the environment or health. You can find further information in this list Information on all natural cosmetics brands in our range. If you have any questions about our brands or products, please contact us. We would be happy to offer you detailed advice.