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    I would like to bring beneficial rituals closer to Ruhi women and men - encourage them to take time for themselves and find their natural glow. That says Britta, the founder of Ruhi. Before she founded Ruhi, she wrote about clean skincare topics on When she became pregnant, she began to be more interested in a holistic approach to beauty. During her extensive studies of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy, she discovered many exciting, ancient medicinal plants, but also traditional beauty rituals such as dry brush massages, cupping treatments and facial massage techniques. Britta began to integrate these simple applications into her everyday life and noticed after a short time how good they were for her: "They reduce everyday stress, have a relaxing effect, give new energy and also beautify my skin!"

    The idea for Ruhi was born!

    Ruhi is Persian and stands for soul, spirituality and essence. Ruhi relies on holistic self-care rituals that stimulate our self-healing powers, increase well-being and make our skin shine again. High-quality self-care tools made from natural materials such as wood, stone or copper are processed in the traditional way and mostly manufactured in Germany. With the minimalist design and beautiful packaging made from recycled paper, nothing stands in the way of your own self-care ritual!

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