Lima Cosmetics Founder Márta Akpinar-Lele



    Lima is a natural, vegan cosmetics manufacturer based in the Hungarian plain. Founded by Márta Akpinar-Lele in 2016, Lima makes wonderfully scented candles and soothing soaps. Has started LIMA Cosmetics as a "one-woman show". Marta Akpinar-Lele from Brandenburg set up a fine, small factory in her hometown in the south of Hungary, where she initially made natural soaps and fresh body butter. The small, exclusive factory now employs several employees who mix soothing aromatherapeutic scents with natural plant oils to create the sought-after ones Scented Candles made by hand.

    The natural premium scented candles are made exclusively from creamy soy and rapeseed wax and have a cotton wick or a crackling wooden wick. Marta cooperates with various talented graphic designers from Europe to uniquely dress the vegan LIMA products with beautiful botanical illustrations. The candles with golden crucibles are already among the LIMA classics and are available in distinctive aromas such as Spa Day, Warm Walnut or Jasmine.

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