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    Oden, the power of French plants.

    Marion and Laurence Weber, the mother-daughter-founding team of Oden: "We want to set an example in the cosmetics industry and prove that it is possible to create exceptional products with regionally grown ingredients while respecting and promoting bio-diversity. Our natural ingredients are not sent to us from all over the world, to be mixed in our French laboratory. All our products are made exclusively from French plants! "

    In addition to the quality of the ingredients Oden, the following maxims are important for Marion and Laurence:

    Transparency & traceability, knowing where, how and by whom the plants were grown. Careful extraction method - all native oils are obtained through the first cold press extraction and are not refined (except for sea buckthorn oil). By promoting local crops, we offer our partner farmers additional income. We actively participate in the conservation of biodiversity by reviving the cultivation of almost forgotten plants. We press our oils as needed, which guarantees exceptional freshness. Our extremely simple and effective formula for our native oils is: 99,8% vegetable oil and 0.2% natural vitamin E - nothing else for us!

    The name ODEN is by the way a creation from “an ODE to beauty” and the “garden of EDEN”. A very fitting name for the wonderful oils we find!

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