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Merme Berlin: Originally from Australia, Claire Ralston's passion for natural skin care arose while working as a model since she was 15 and while studying at the Australian College of Natural Beauty. That, combined with another 10 years of experience in the magazine and beauty industry, made them realize: Even the face and hair care products that are advertised as natural are full of chemicals. It was clear to Claire that there was only one sure way to take control of the ingredients: make them yourself. Here the idea became too Merme Berlin born.

Her new home Berlin confirmed her conviction of the importance of quality, objectivity and simplicity. “In Australia I had a number of products and steps in my routine, a typical feature of the beauty culture there. There is little interest in ingredients and a lot is guided by advertising. In Germany, on the other hand, people use less and pay attention to quality. That was very stimulating and reminded me of my time with my grandmother Merme on the farm. Your way of life inspired me and I found a lot of it in the Berlin slow movement. That is why the name of the brand was determined very quickly ”.

Merme's philosophy of using few ingredients of the highest quality is definitely inspired by these principles. Merme only uses absolutely trustworthy and powerful ingredients that have been carefully and sustainably extracted and processed.