Why use a top and base coat? Choosing a new chic nail polish color is a lot of fun! In contrast, the colorless polishes tend to play a shadowy existence. Actually wrongly, because a primer and a top coat offer considerable advantages.

    The primer or base coat is applied to the nails before applying the desired nail polish. A base coat smooths the nail surface and thus ensures an even distribution of the nail polish. A primer supports the adhesion and keeps the nail polish on the nail longer. Some base coats have nail strengthening properties that help nourish and harden your nails and prevent breakage.

    A top coat or top coat is a clear nail polish that is usually applied to the dried nail polish. It forms a barrier surface that extends the durability of the varnish and prevents the nail varnish from flaking or flaking off. A top coat gives the applied nail polish shine and has a smoothing effect. In addition, a topcoat can hide small imperfections such as dents or lines. Or small imperfections that happened before the nail polish was completely dry.