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    2017 was the year in which the Really became aware of the harmful effects of plastic on our environment. Most of the plastic bottles in Europe are made in China, so they'll have already made half a trip around the world before they get to us. And each plastic bottle is often individually wrapped again to protect it from damage in transit. In addition, many reusable plastic bottles are not recycled but land in the landfill.

    We didn't want to take part any longer and took on the challenge of creating products that are completely free of plastics. This is how the concept of Beauty Kubes born. With Beauty Kubes We completely do without plastic and only use packaging made of cardboard and biodegradable materials to package our shampoos and body washes.

    The quality of ours Beauty Kubes Products remains high. We only use purely natural and organically grown ingredientssuch as high-quality oils from jojoba, palmarosa, orange or grapefruit, or extracts from lemongrass, bergamot and roses. Beauty Kubes only uses washing-active substances that are biodegradable and sulfate-free.

    We hope that you enjoy our exciting new innovation and that it can help you achieve a plastic-reduced lifestyle. Do we really need all of this plastic? We don't think and are proud of ours Beauty Kubes.

    Emma Heywood, founder of Beauty Kubes