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    Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetics and skin care line for healthy and natural make-up. The founder Ere Perez grew up in Mexico and has always enjoyed playing with makeup. Her mother gave her beetroot, which Ere used as lipstick and blush. That then was the basis of her interest in natural makeup and the inspiration for the future Beetroot cheek and lip tint. Ere Perez's grandfather is a Heilpraktiker of traditional medicine and herbalism. He has made formulations himself with natural ingredients, with locally available herbs, flowers, plants and oils. He introduced Ere to the healing properties of various plants and flowers and encouraged them to create their own formulas.

    Studied after school Ere Perez Naturopathy, iridology and Bach flower studies. This brought her closer to her dream of creating her own range of skin care products. In 2000 she fell in love with the natural beauty of Australia and together with her husband they moved to Sydney. Here she continued working on her idea of ​​creating a natural make-up line. An assortment that should nourish, protect and improve the skin and Women should feel beautiful from the inside out to feel. In 2004 it was done. The first product from Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics, and still a bestseller, was the natural almond oil mascara.

    "To me, being naturally beautiful encompasses all areas of life: It means being good to ourselves and to our fellow human beings, being careful and considerate of other people, consciously to preserve the beauty of our planet, to make the best of our natural beauty and to recognize and build on our inner strength. " Ere Perez, Founder of Ere Perez Natural cosmetics

    Be beautiful, naturally!