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Josh Rosebrook: "I opened my first salon in Portland, Oregon when I was 10 years old. I found an old barber's chair in the basement and soon I was hairdressing all of the kids in the neighborhood. A few years later, I started doing a lot of skin care. Obsessed with skin care, I studied ingredients and asked a lot of questions. I started making the connection between natural skin care, nutrition, plants and herbs, and true health and beauty. "

The skin, like the body, has the extraordinary ability to heal itself. Josh Rosebrook would like to support this powerful regeneration process and use the right natural ingredients to drive this incredible transformation for luminosity, vitality and health. The original source of nutrients and oils that are necessary for the regeneration of the body, skin, hair and scalp can be found in nature: plants, herbs, nuts, fruits, seeds, stems, leaves and flowers. These plants contain phytonutrients that have molecular and structural similarities and have the same natural regenerative abilities as the oils and nutrients in our body.

This understanding has shaped my vision - all of my products are unconditionally pure. All herbal ingredients in our Josh Rosebrook Products are 100% organically grown or processed from game. Because there is a perfect level of purity here, which brings exponential benefits as the ingredients are not inhibited by potentially disruptive, harmful or unnecessary ingredients. The body can take full advantage of these nutrients. This leads to effective healing and healthy, balanced skin.

Josh Rosebrook, Founder