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    Bhavna Kashyap, founder of The Innate Life with an Indian background, was introduced to oils at a young age. As a child, your mother regularly massaged her scalp with hair oil. Bhavna initially hated the oils but later realized how beneficial they were for her scalp and hair. Bhavna: "During my teenage years I had very bad dry scalp, constant itching and even in places Hair loss. Unfortunately, the remedies prescribed by doctors only brought temporary relief."

    Disappointed with conventional medications, she developed her first product, the Dry Scalp Treatment, simply for herself. It took her a few months to get the right mix of antifungal and antibacterial oils and herbs, but it was worth the wait. The treatment was exactly what Bhavna wanted scalp needed and worked better than any medication she had ever tried! This is where her oil obsession began The Innate Life followed shortly thereafter.

    We from The Innate Life are obsessed with herbs and oils. Some beauty brands boast of having a few key ingredients, we use dozens! We promise to use only the highest quality natural herbs and oils for our products. Each of our products contains our signature blend of Ayurvedic herbs - Bhringaraj, Brahmi, Amla, Tulsi and Neem.