night care


    Good night creams are important for regeneration. Our skin loses its elasticity in the mid-twenties and is exposed to numerous environmental stresses every day. After a long day of exposure to UV radiation, polluted air, make-up and sweat, our skin deserves rest and care. Pamper your skin at night and treat your skin to the nourishing ingredients it deserves. 

    Why is sleep so important to our skin?

    Skin activity is greatest at night and skin cells are renewed up to three times faster than during the day. Perfect conditions to optimally care for the skin with active ingredients. During a vanishing cream Protecting your skin from environmental influences, balancing the complexion and being as light as possible, a night cream primarily supports the regeneration of the skin. Most night creams are richer, provide more moisture and have none UV protection. It is best to apply the night care to the end of your evening care routine on the face and neck and massage in gently. In this way, all active ingredients can be absorbed overnight and your skin can be intensively nourished.