Healthy hair is always a result of the right hair care. And the right hair care starts with gentle and thorough cleaning. Freshly washed hair feels wonderful. Which shampoo is right for your hair depends on your scalp, hair health, and hair characteristics.

    A shampoo has the task of cleaning the hair and scalp. Since sebum and environmental dirt cannot be washed out with water alone, contain Shampoos Cleaning agents that act as surfactants. Surfactants reduce surface tension, which means that water can combine with grease and dirt particles. The cleaning molecules are linked with sebum and dirt and when the shampoo foam is rinsed out, the water simply takes the sebum and dirt with it.

    Conditioner: If the hair or the ends of the hair are dry or look dull and sallow, a good natural cosmetic conditioner can work little wonders. Blow-drying, straightening, coloring, heat, wind and weather put a lot of strain on our hair, it is no big surprise that our hair sometimes becomes limp and can then use an extra dose of care. Different to Shampoos make Conditioner not primarily intended for cleaning our hair.