Banner Mádara Founder Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere


Mádara Cosmetics: It's about more than looking beautiful. It's about our well-being, about the decisions we make and values ​​that we respect. For us people in the north - often introverted and a little lonely - inner values ​​have always been more important than external appearance. That is why we stand by Mádara on really effective ingredients, honest promises, careful processing and respect for nature and people.

Plants with extraordinary properties have developed in the harsh northern climate. Deep roots, bitter leaves and gnarled bark have healed wounds and saved lives. This knowledge, passed down over generations, still flows in our veins. And today, as then, we can see that nature offers everything we need.

Lotte Tissenkopf-Iltnere, founder of Mádara: The base of Mádara is traditional medicine and herbal knowledge that we validate and further develop with scientific meticulousness. We refine pure, strong, unadulterated natural ingredients to their highest potential.