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Sonya Driver is the founder of Eco By Sonya. Growing up on Australia's Gold Coast, the sun was a constant companion for Sonya. For Sonya it was always clear that tanning without skin-damaging UV rays is the better alternative. After a malignant melanoma had to be removed from your sister, you decided to bring about a change.

She tested various self-tanners and took a closer look at the ingredients. She quickly stopped using these products, the ingredients were too harmful. That was the starting shot for Eco by Sonya self tanner. She began experimenting with cacao, flower essences, chamomile and other natural ingredients. The rest is history, in 2011 was made Eco By Sonya as the first and only manufacturer of self-tanners to be certified by the Australian Organic Food Chain. Highlights include the already legendary Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water, Glory Oil or Organic Coconut Body Lotion.