Leave-in care


    Natural hair care that lasts longer: leave-in conditioner without silicones

    Leave-in care in the form of conditioner or spray can be used in small amounts daily after shampooing and subsequent care with conditioner and does not need to be rinsed out.
    This has the advantage that stressed and dry hair can be supplied with even more moisture and care ingredients. In addition, the leave-in products often serve as heat protection and protect the hair from damage when blow-drying, straightening or curling with a curling iron.
    All of our leave-in care products are free of silicones. Silicones can cause residues to build up in the hair and prevent the valuable care ingredients from effectively reaching the hair fiber. By avoiding silicones, the care ingredients can penetrate the hair optimally and develop their maximum effect.

    Choose the right natural cosmetic leave-in care for your hair type

    Whether cream, fluid or spray, leave-in care is available in different formulations. The right choice depends on which one hair type you have and how you would like to use the product. In addition, the ingredients of the leave-in products vary depending on the hair type and the individual needs of the hair.

    Rich natural cosmetic leave-in products for defined curls and waves

    For wavy or curly hair, we recommend leave-in care in the form of a conditioner, cream or lotion. But a spray is also suitable for finer wavy or curly hair and can be used by any type of wave or curl to freshen up between hair washes. After application you can create your waves or curls with the Plopping method Dry gently with a soft towel, for example made from bamboo fibers. Before combing or scrunching curly or wavy hair, it is advisable to use a leave-in treatment as these products make the hair less susceptible to breakage.

    Wavy or curly hair particularly benefits from rich ingredients such as Buriti oil, Pequi oil, Ungurahuaoil and cocoa or murumuru butter that nourish the hair and help reduce frizz and define waves or curls. Extracts from jericho rose, aloe vera or marshmallow moisturize curly and wavy hair, make combing or detangling the hair with your fingers easier and provide it with moisture.

    Dry hair: The power of moisturizing ingredients

    In leave-in care products for dry hair Oils such as amla oil, camellia seed, jasmine and peach kernel oil are extremely effective. These nourishing oils moisturize, nourish the hair intensively and give it suppleness and softness. In addition, plant proteins such as rice, wheat or silk proteins and amino acids such as arginine help strengthen the hair structure and prevent moisture loss. In addition, extracts from chestnut, honey or pomegranate can help the hair to bind moisture, revitalize it and give it a healthy shine.

    Light and effective: natural cosmetic leave-in care for hair that gets greasy quickly

    Sprays are ideal as natural cosmetic leave-in products for finer, quickly greasy hair. But lighter leave-in conditioners and lotions also work as leave-in care for oily hair. Suitable products develop their powerful effects with oils such as cold-pressed broccoli seed oil, grape seed oil and rosemary essential oil. These light oils do not weigh down the hair and leave no greasy residue on the hair lengths. In addition, plant extracts from green tea, nettle, oregano and eucalyptus have a calming and clarifying effect on the scalp due to their antioxidant and sebum-regulating properties. Many leave-in products for hair that gets greasy are specifically formulated to be used on the scalp.

    Preserve color intensity: natural leave-in care especially for colored hair

    Colored or bleached hair also benefits from leave-in products that contain natural extracts that have a UV-protective effect or counteract a yellow or brassy cast. For example, buriti oil or kaolin offer slight UV protection, which can counteract premature fading of the hair color. In addition, colored and especially bleached hair often tends to frizz, which can be counteracted with active ingredients such as keratin, the hair's building protein, or extracts from hibiscus or jericho rose.

    This is how you can optimally use natural cosmetic leave-in care

    1. To properly use the leave-in conditioner or leave-in spray, start by washing your hair as usual and then apply a natural cosmetic conditioner or hair mask and rinse.
    2. Then gently pat your hair dry with a towel so that it is still slightly damp but not dripping wet. Now take an appropriate amount of the leave-in conditioner or spray according to the length and thickness of your hair.
    3. Start with a small amount and add more as needed to ensure all of your hair is evenly covered. Distribute the product evenly throughout your hair, paying particular attention to the ends and longer areas of the hair. Some products are specially formulated for the scalp and in this case you can also massage your leave-in care into the scalp.
    4. Style your hair as usual, either alone or in combination with other styling products. Natural cosmetic leave-in conditioners and sprays help to detangle the hair, reduce frizz, moisturize and give it shine and suppleness.

    Natural cosmetic leave-in products: Tailor-made care for every hair type

    Natural cosmetic leave-in care products offer a practical and effective solution for long-lasting hair care. With high-quality ingredients such as natural oils, vegetable proteins and extracts rich in active ingredients, they provide the hair with moisture and nutrients every day without weighing it down. The use of natural cosmetics guarantees gentle care without harmful chemicals, while the absence of silicones maximizes the care effect of the leave-in products. Different formulations of leave-in care offer tailored solutions for the specific needs of different hair types, from curly to dry or oily hair. Used regularly, leave-in care products preserve the natural beauty of the hair and give it shine and suppleness, while at the same time protecting it from external influences.