The soap is probably the best-known cleaning product and has been an essential part of our everyday care for centuries. It is believed that the cleansing effect of soap was first discovered by the Romans. The use of soap-like products made from fats and potassium salts was mentioned as early as the Old Testament. 

    Our soaps are made in all Kold saponification process produced. These natural cosmetic soaps have nothing in common with industrially manufactured soaps, they are qualitatively on a completely different level. A precisely measured amount of caustic soda is added to the high-quality fats, oils and waxes. The aim is an incomplete saponification of the fats and oils in order to achieve a nourishing effect (called excessive grease). These saponified oils and fats cleanse and nourish the skin without drying it out. Thanks to the alkaline pH value of the natural soaps, they allow the skin particles to swell slightly and thus promote skin renewal.