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WHA 花 means “flower”, MI 女 stands for “beauty” and SA 四 for the number “4”. It symbolizes the basis of our products: roots, seeds, flowers and fruits.

It is with the best ingredients from nature and the knowledge of science Whamisa succeeded in developing holistic, innovative and natural care. The base of the purely vegetable Whamisa Recipes form effective active ingredients, the effect of which is enhanced by the gentle fermentation process. This enzymatic conversion of organic substances is brought about by the addition of certain bacterial cultures. The natural microorganisms are able to produce nutrients that are difficult or impossible to produce chemically. Valuable secondary plant substances, which the plants form to protect them against environmental influences and other pollution, are concentrated and broken down into small molecules. This makes them particularly bioavailable and helps the skin to better absorb the active ingredient-rich ingredients.

This originality and the immense wealth of active ingredients make the Whamisa Products unique. For example, the toners with their gel-like consistency have an intensely caring effect, similar to a serum, and cannot be compared with classic facial toner. Fermented flowers, such as chrysanthemums, dandelions and lotus flowers, as well as fermented seeds and fruits in organic quality are used in the Whamisa Products used. Delicate, floral scents accentuate every application with the discretion of East Asian culture.

In order to adhere to our values, we rely on sustainable value creation in order to protect the treasures of our earth and to use them responsibly. Whamisas mission is to preserve the harmonious and sustainable coexistence of man and nature.