Natural Beauty: A Look at Natural Cosmetics Eyeshadow

    Eyeshadow has a long history that dates back to ancient times. Even in ancient Egypt, women used a mixture of vegetable pigments and oils to give their eyes a captivating radiance. Over the centuries, the way we use eyeshadow has evolved, but the fundamental function of enhancing the beauty of the eyes has remained.

    Eyeshadow – From subtle to bold

    Natural eye make-up relies on ingredients from nature without sacrificing color variety and quality. High quality mineral pigments and Organic oils provide a subtle touch of color or an expressive look. Eyeshadows with natural ingredients are easy to build and blend. In no time you can achieve your personal look with a velvety finish and through clever shading you can achieve various effects, from subtle to dramatic.

    Which eyeshadow suits my eyes?

    Perfecting an eye look can be tricky. The goal is to find an eyeshadow color that highlights your eyes while complementing your overall complexion. Some eyeshadow colors go particularly well with certain eye colors. Additionally, hair color and skin tone can influence the choice. Depending on the interaction of eye color, hair color and skin tone, certain colors can look particularly harmonious or create intense contrasts. We'll show you which eyeshadow color you can combine with your eye color.

    Eyeshadow for blue eyes

    For blue eyes, play with contrasts, such as warm peach, apricot or bronze nuances. Shimmering tones of gold and champagne as well as pastel colors also make your eyes shine. Tip: Dark blue or aubergine colored Mascara creates a more harmonious look with blue eyes than black mascara.

    Eyeshadow for brown eyes

    Brown eyes harmonize perfectly with nuances such as rosé, brown and earth tones as well as gold. For a special effect, choose cool eye shadow tones such as violet, blue or anthracite. Tip: If you have dark eyes, use more eyeshadow color. You can get a more intense tone if you mix the eye shadow with a little water before applying. But be careful with red tones as they make the eyes appear red even though they are not.

    Eyeshadow for green eyes

    Green eyes come into their own when you use eyeshadow with the complementary color red - i.e. anything that shimmers in copper, burgundy, violet or warm brown. Important: Avoid green nuances, which can take away the shine from your eye color. Tip: Try using cool shades such as silver or gray and combine them with eyeliner to particularly emphasize your eyes.

    Different textures of eyeshadow: spoiled for choice

    Not all eyeshadows are the same - different textures offer different effects. Liquid eyeshadows give a shiny, intense look, while cream eyeshadows offer a lighter, natural option. Mineral eyeshadows rely on natural minerals for a gentle, nourishing effect. Overall, the different textures of eyeshadow offer a wide range of options for artfully showcasing your eye make-up. Depending on the occasion and personal style, you can choose between liquid, cream or mineral textures to create the perfect look.

    Liquid eyeshadows: Intense and glamorous

    Liquid eyeshadows usually have a shiny, intense formula that creates a glamorous look. They are particularly suitable for special occasions or evening events. Application is usually done with an applicator or an Brush. Thanks to their liquid consistency, they can be blended effortlessly and enable precise accents. The drying time should be waited for in order to achieve an optimal result.

    Cream eyeshadow: Light and natural

    Cream eyeshadow, on the other hand, offers a lighter, more natural option. The creamy consistency allows for easy application with fingers or a brush. This Natural cosmetics-Textures are particularly suitable for everyday use as they can be applied quickly and give a subtle, fresh look. Most cream eyeshadows are long-lasting and less likely to disappear into the fine lines of the eyelid.

    Mineral eyeshadow: Gentle variety of colors

    Mineral eyeshadows rely on natural minerals as the main ingredient. This texture offers a gentle, nourishing effect for the sensitive skin around the eyes. It is best applied with a special brush to evenly distribute the fine mineral pigments. These eyeshadows are often versatile, can be applied dry for a lightweight finish or wet for a more intense color. They do not irritate the eyes and are even suitable for very sensitive eyes.

    Natural cosmetics eyeshadow Labels: quality and responsibility

    Natural cosmetics eyeshadow Labels stand for quality products without harmful ingredients. Our brands rely on sustainability, vegan ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and ethical production practices. A natural eye shadow can not only emphasize your beauty, but also represent a conscious choice for the environment and your own health. The variety of colors, textures and brands allows everyone to find the perfect option to perfectly showcase the windows to the soul. Blanda offers a large selection of eyeshadows from upscale natural cosmetics brands such as Kjaer weis, Manasi 7, Hiro Cosmetics, Und Gretel, 100% Pure, RMS Beauty or Lily Lolo.