Banner beVivid Founder Lisa Heidan


Lisa Heidan, the founder of beVIVID: "During my time in Asia I experienced many new customs. One of them inspired me in particular: the habit of never moving further than arm's length from a sip of water. My friend there told me that this ritual is the key to beautiful, healthy skin and I saw them almost everywhere, so it wasn't long before I also called arm's length to a sip of water my personal beauty ritual.

With this new habit, it was easier than ever for me to actually drink two liters or more every day. The result was incredible and confirmed that conscious drinking is the basis of a healthy body and great skin.

Motivated to keep up my water ritual, however, I was unable to find the right companion after my return. Most of the bottles were unfortunately made of plastic, not really appealing and often not 100% leak-proof. This laid the foundation for beVIVID placed. A bottle made of handmade borosilicate glass and a soft silicone cover that motivates me to drink again and again. Definitely leak-proof, easy to care for and reusable an infinite number of times.