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The parent company of the brand SanDaWha is called SkinCure and was founded in 2004 as an organic venture on the Korean island of Jeju. The company's goal was to help people with skin problems. In their Life Science Institute on Jeju Island, over 200 native plant species tested for their anti-aging effects and their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

SanDaWha has on Anti-pollution cosmetics specialized. The most important ingredient is that red camellia (Camellia japonica) from the UNESCO-protected volcanic island of Jeju. SanDaWha extracts the camellia extract and the unrefined camellia seed oil in a patented process with nitrogen. The flowers and seeds are processed particularly gently and rich in active ingredients. SanDaWha means "camellia" in Korean

Camellia seed oil from Jeju Island is popular in Korea thanks to its antioxidant effect Has been valued for a long time and is currently experiencing a new boom across national borders. The term "anti-polluaging" has meanwhile been coined in Korea. SanDaWhas promise: To produce reliable natural cosmetics while always remaining honest. For this purpose, SanDaWha only selected natural ingredients are used. With the help of the latest technology, reliable products are then manufactured, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically tested. SanDaWha Products do not contain alcohol and are suitable for all skin types.

All SanDaWha Products are Animal testing free and vegan, so do not contain any animal ingredients. KARA (Korea Animal Rights Advocates) have listed the parent company Skincure as free from animal testing. SanDaWha Products do not contain any microplastics that pollute the environment and skin. In addition, it does not contain any artificial, synthetic or chemical ingredients. All products are therefore biodegradable. The packaging of the care line is largely made of recyclable glass, the outer packaging is made of cardboard.

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