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    La Canopée was founded by Cécile and Juliette. Cecile has specialized as a chemist in green chemistry and is the expert for natural cosmetics. Cecile is the soul of La Canopée, with her passion for nature and plants, she developed the recipes for all products. Juliette is responsible for communication and design that perfectly reflects her French roots as well as her love for nature.

    Both founders come from Grasse, where they decided in 2016 La Canopée to develop. Grasse is the capital of perfumes, and therefore a truly inspiring city, with a palpable passion for high-quality raw materials and beautiful products. This passion also manifests itself in Cecile and Juliette. They began to develop effective French cosmetics made from 100% natural raw materials and accessible to everyone. At the same time and in keeping with their origins, the fine ones smell and care La Canopée Products wonderful and unmistakably "French".

    Every product is an invitation to travel. Nature is so rich and full of facets that it is a joy to follow it. “La Canopee is Natural cosmetics that we have always dreamed of, purely natural, effective, good for us and for the earth.”

    Cécile & Juliette, founders of La Canopée

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