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    Holistic Silk: Ravishingly elegant sleep masks and scrunchies made from the purest silk. The founder Joanna Weakley and her team take advantage of the ancient positive effects of silk and manufacture ergonomically designed and durable products that please the eye with their exquisite design, calm the soul and offer an uncomplicated beauty treatment with every application. Since its inception has Holistic Silk graced some of the most prestigious beauty departments in the world, such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges or Le Bon Marche. 100% silk - luxurious, soft and comfortable!

    Joanna Weakley: “Modern life seems to focus us on “doing” and little on “being.” Over the last few decades, the world has become increasingly time-scarce and our ability to switch off is becoming increasingly difficult. Timeless, classic and elegant in design and presentation, we combine expertise in textiles and alternative health with ergonomic design, luxurious craftsmanship and proven remedies to create a range of products that provide health, lifestyle and beauty benefits beyond their simple function. We are proud to be the best Silk sleeping mask of the world! Oversized, luxurious, truly opaque and with a perfect fit that you won't even notice you're wearing. 

    Holisitc Silk has been made with love and passion in Cornwall and London for 20 years. sleep masks, Scrunchies, turbans & make-up bags made from the finest silk are produced according to ethical principles and handcrafted to the highest quality. All products are made by experienced seamstresses according to fair trade principles in ateliers in London and Delhi. Holistic Silk Partners with the respected Help Foundation to provide women and children in the region with better access to financial support, health care and education.

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