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    Inspired by the extraordinary devotion to "self-care" in India and Ayurvedic care rituals, Michelle developed Ranavat an exclusive skincare line that she describes as a fusion of modern alchemy and romance. "My professional experience taught me early on that only working with the essentials leads to noticeable results. Every active ingredient has its place in my carefully composed formulations. Every ingredient is methodically extracted, preserved for its healing properties and used for the benefit of the skin. " We mean: the perfect Ayurveda natural cosmetics.

    Rooted in rituals. Treat your skin like royalty!

    Ranavat stands for state-of-the-art Ayurvedic skin care with the best natural ingredients. Just as your own well-being depends on a healthy diet and regular exercise, beautiful skin only comes from consistency. skin care and Self care must not be occasional occurrences - find your favorite products and make them Skin care become a daily ritual with our special Ayurvedic natural cosmetics!

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