Naya Founder Sarah Zimmer

Naya Glow


    Sarah, the founder of Naya. Sarah's curiosity literally took her around the globe. The idea arose on her travels to Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia, Thailand, Bali and 60 other countries and inspired by local rituals, remedies and herbs Naya Bring Glow to life. "We use fewer ingredients but in higher concentrations," says Sarah. She finds that a "less is more" approach is not only more sustainable for the planet, but also more sustainable for the skin.

    Naya Glow delivers exactly the nutrients that the skin needs without unnecessarily stacking many different ingredients on top of one another.

    The quality of the ingredients is the key to high-quality cosmetic products. We combine carefully selected bioactive plant extracts with clinically proven active ingredients. Our Oils effectively support a healthy skin balance and activate the skin's inherent abilities self repair. They are produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards and contain neither synthetic components nor nice-to-have ingredients. Naya works closely with farmers and other partners to obtain the purest and best ingredients sustainably. 

    The signature ingredient of Naya is pure, cold-pressed cacay oil from Colombia, which can be found in all of their products. Cacay oil contains many skin-nourishing nutrients and essential fatty acids, including vitamin E, vitamin F, Omega 6 and vitamin A. The key to cacay oil's outstanding performance is its fine molecular structure. This contributes to its effectiveness not only as a moisturizer but also as a protector. It's best to try the bestsellers Everyday Glow Serum, Everyday Day Cream and Everyday Cleansing Oil and Face Oil immediately!