Tilo Plöger, Founder of Ashé Natural perfume



    Tilo Plöger developed ASHÉ based on the lively and colorful spiritual tradition of the Brazilian candomblés. ASHÉ pays homage to ORISHÁS - the forces of nature. They represent the principles of the universe and are carriers of universal energy. Tilo grew up in Brazil and, as the guardian of the mystery, was initiated into the Candomblé. He has published several books on the Brazilian candomblé tradition.

    ASHÉ is presented in various, exclusive perfume compositions. The natural perfume oils convey the joie de vivre, the energy and the wisdom of these elementary forces of nature. They are offered in highly concentrated form as alcohol-free perfumes and can be worn on the skin or hair as a fragrance or elixir. A few drops are enough for a long-lasting magical experience.

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