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    Leahlani is an artisanal skin care manufacturer from Hawaii. It is based on the island's lush flowering plants, nutrient-rich nectars and rich tropical beauty oils. Produced by hand, refine the highly concentrated Leahlani Skincare formulations improve the complexion and let the skin shine in its natural glow.

    Leah Klasovsky is the founder of Leahlani. As a holistic beautician, she has treated countless beautiful faces over the years. Across all ages and skin types, she realized that all customers are essentially looking for the same thing, a way to love their skin! Leah loved her clients' difficulty in finding a beauty routine that would give them the complexion and glow they were looking for. Inspired and determined, Leah set out to create the skin care line with the extraordinary natural ingredients of her beloved Hawaii Leahlani to develop skincare. With the goal that Leahlani would turn an everyday routine into a cherished ritual.

    Leah: I want you to fall in love with your skincare ritual and experience the multi-sensory enjoyment of Leahlanis indulge in tropical scents, soft colors, silky textures and bubbly, botanical magic. I invite you to experience skin care as self-care and I hope you do it with love every time you touch your wonderful face.

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