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    The woman behind Noelie Natural cosmetics & herbal hair dyes is Bahar Krahn. The master hairdresser and cosmetician, make-up artist and pharmacist made a name for herself in 2012 with the founding of the beauty institute Be Organic in Wiesbaden. Be Organic is not just a name - it is Bahar's attitude and promise. Bahar initially worked with third-party brands at the Be Organic Institute, but was not satisfied with the results. Inspired by her own customers, as well as with a lot of passion, experience and a lot of heart, she has developed her own brand over the last 10 years. Noelie with innovative haircare products.

    Noelie attaches great importance to the proven effectiveness of all active ingredients used. Tested in the dermatological institute of the University Hospital Mainz. The certified organic active ingredient cosmetics can have a positive effect on the structure of skin and hair for noticeable and visible changes. Noelie is a pioneer in cosmetic innovations and relies on scientifically proven high-performance active ingredients in the highest possible bio-active concentration. The luxurious shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, which are made without water, contain active ingredients such as broccoli seed oil, Jericho rose extracts, phyto-squalane, aloe vera fresh plant juice, hydrolyzed proteins, linseed, Sacha Inchi, moringa oil, lecithin and murumuru butter. 

    Hair coloring rethought! Natural plant hair colors with medicinal herbs make hair shine - without any chemicals. The power of Noelie Herbal hair colors are based on a variety of exquisite, extra finely ground medicinal herbs and superfoods. Selected bioavailable active ingredients such as jiaogulan, also known as immortality herb, hemp proteins and acacia collagen strengthen the hair fiber from the inside. Healing moor extract, with a uniquely high concentration of humic acids, minerals and trace elements, as well as many other different medicinal herbs, enhance the effect. As superfoods in the Noelie Healing Herbs Hair Colors also include a unique antioxidant complex made from very stable tannins from the tara tree and an extract from sunflower sprouts.

    Bahar Krahn: We create effective and unique care products for skin and hair - for health and well-being in harmony with nature. The highest quality requirements for our active ingredients obtained from natural sources, with absolute purity and proven effectiveness, combined with 10 years of research and development, promise noticeable and visible results.

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