Anju Rubal founder of Abhati Suisse


Abhati is a Sanskrit word for Light up your soul. Abhati Suisse was founded by Anju Rupal and is an ethical, luxury skin care brand from Switzerland with a deeply rooted Indian heritage. With Abhati Suisse Anju Rupal has set himself the goal to combine the healing properties of Swiss and Ayurvedic plants (organically grown)to create a range of highly effective, sustainable and fair trade beauty products. They are holistic luxury products of the highest quality that also do good. 

Part of the proceeds will go to the non-profit organization educate girls, which is committed to improving school education and hygiene standards for socially disadvantaged women and children, or, an initiative that has planted over 15 million trees to date. "Abhati is more than a product line, it is an opportunity to improve the lives of many people," says Anju Rupal.

Every product has been made after a thorough research, the sourcing of the ingredients is free of parabens and harmful substances and completely cruelty free. Abhati's social and ecological commitment has been awarded B Corp certification, the first of its kind in Switzerland. B Corp is a global network of companies that have redefined business success for themselves: It's not just about being the best company in the world, but rather about being the best company in the world. The "B" stands for "Benefit", for positive work.

The creams, shampoos and care oils from Abhati contain only natural organic herbal essences from the Swiss Alps and regions in the Himalayas, whose valleys are called "Little Switzerland". The formulas and manufacturing techniques combine Swiss science and the Ayurvedic tradition of India. "I am sure that women will choose Abhati products mainly because the quality and results are convincing," says Anju Rupal. “All of the formulations are highly effective, fantastic to use and also beautifully designed. Abhati works holistically in every respect and will inspire women of all age groups. " The products do not contain any preservatives, artificial colors, sulfates or petroleum derivatives. The packaging is made of 100% recyclable plastic or MIRON special glass, whose violet light waves permanently enliven and energize the molecular structure of a substance.