A.N Other Perfume founder Ariella Appelbaum

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    Brands spend a disproportionate amount of money on marketing and gimmicks, leaving little for the product itself. A.N Other Perfume is different. Everything we do is reduced to the bare essentials. Our confidence to spend less on nonsense allows us to invest more in exceptional ingredients for exceptional perfumes.

    The A.N Other Promise: We offer that most exciting Perfume designers in the world a radical offer. TTotal creative control, unlimited budgets and a promise not to distort your work. A.N Other is clean, modern and authentic. Six perfumers, six fragrances. Created without specifications, without names, without vanity and without overpriced price tags.

    From this freedom and on the basis of traditional perfumery art, modern and uplifting perfumes are created Niche fragrances like the SN/2020, the WD/2018 perfume or the multiple award-winning WF/2020. The whole A.N Other Collection is unisex. Only clean ingredients with no parabens, phthalates, dyes, toxins, animal products or preservatives are used. We only work with companies that respect the planet and enforce modern environmental standards. The glass bottles come from Italy. The magnetic clasps are made in France from a vegetable resin. The packaging is made in the USA from recycled cardboard and 100% biodegradable organic paper.

    Ariella Appelbaum, Founder of A.N Other Perfumes

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