Banner Treu Sustainable make-up removal pads founders Jen and Katrin

Treu & Börd Shört

HEY! We are Katrin & Jen. We met in 2007 at the state fashion school in Stuttgart and have been friends ever since. Independently of each other, each of us founded our own Label with the same values: Eco - made in Germany - vegan. TREU & BÖRD SHÖRT were born! Something sensible and sustainable should be created from residual materials. The idea of ​​developing washable make-up removal pads and other accessories from soft sweat fabric quickly arose.

The residual materials were used up and a constant development process took place at the same time. In addition to the soft classic made of double-layered, soft sweat, there was also the duo of sweat and terrycloth. The make-up removal pads are sewn in Treu Katrin's studio. And this is how sustainable products were created that are eco, made in Germany and vegan. Washable make-up removal pads that you can use treu stays and scrunchies you love! The use of fair trade organic cotton is a matter of course for us and is part of the overall concept of Treu and Börd Shört.

Everyone can start small, even if they are 'only' washable make-up removal pads. Admittedly, this is only a small step in the right direction, but it is well known that every marathon starts with the first meter! Come with me, it's very easy :).