Salt & Stone Founder Nima Jalali



    Salt & Stone – from the sea, for a body in motion! Founded by former pro snowboarder Nima Jalali, the brand is based on an understanding of the elements and how they affect the skin and body, as well as a desire to create beautiful products in harmony with nature and a celebration of the empowering power of fragrance. The functional scents are unexpected, eclectic, evoke memories and create a positive mood. The Californian brand combines outdoor life and respect for nature like no other brand.

    Nima Jalali: "Natural, active ingredients from the sea and from the mountains are the basis of our deodorants, sun care and facial care, we combine them with scientifically proven effectiveness and inspiring fragrances. Each product is made from a carefully selected blend of powerful antioxidant and nutrient-dense ingredients including seaweed, spirulina and seaweed. Aesthetically beautiful products, made in harmony with nature for a sensory experience that soothes, protects, refreshes and renews.

    All Salt & Stone Formulations are made without artificial fragrances, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates and synthetic colors and are 100% cruelty free. Green and clean! Nima's commitment to protecting our planet flows into everything the brand does - from packaging made from recycled ocean plastic to manufacturing with renewable solar and hydropower to Leaping Bunny certification.