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    Welcome To The Aromatic Beautysphere Lilfox Miami: A Sensory Universe. Exquisite aromas. Experienceable skin care. Conceived in 2014 by Alexis Rose by the pool. Perfumer, aromatherapist and expert in cosmetic formulations. A Miami-based lover of beautiful things. A connoisseur and former wine professional with expertise in fine, sensual seductions.

    Just as couture designers touch a texture and imagine the form, we touch the exotic and imagine how it might transform. We developed our Lilfox formulations for the discerning skin care connoisseur. Our process is measured yet unconventional. We blend the finest natural oils, unrefined butter, rare earths and vibrant hydrosols with aromatic essential oils, moonlit crystals and vibrant plant energies. We then refine ours elixirs with generous concentrations of clinically proven active ingredients that further improve the potency and performance of the formula. Give it a try, try our Sandalo Toning Mist, Marshmallow Poof Crema, our Dewy Bean Bedtime Mask or our blue Blue Legume Hydration Mask!

    Lilfox Miami is the intersection of pure beauty, exotic plant extracts, exceptionally highly concentrated active ingredients and unique flavors and textures. Lilfox Miami is Intelligent Skin Couture.
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