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Fall in love with your hair again

At the center of Innersense Organic Beauty stands nature. We believe that by choosing pure, sustainable and beautiful hair care products, you can create a new love story between your hair and yourself. Our Innersense Products are made from certified organic ingredients. Our Promise: Your hair will love the luxurious formulations that deliver moisture, health, shine and protection that only Mother Nature can offer.

Innersense is a love story between two seasoned beauty professionals, Joanne and Greg. The birth of your daughter Morgan was the inspiration for your passion to develop healthy and environmentally conscious hair care. Morgan was born with Williams Syndrome, which led Joanne to delve deep into genetics and environmental health. In addition, as hair stylists, Joanne and Greg were motivated to develop a professional hair care line that was not only non-toxic and safe for their colleagues and the environment, but also offered first-class salon performance.

Clean. Pure. Beautiful.

By switching from the big beauty industry to the small, manageable areas of our own, all-natural formulations ... by sourcing the purest ingredients sustainably and carefully processing them ... by telling beauty experts and consumers about the hidden toxins in conventional ones Educate hair care products ...

Joanne & Greg Starkman, founders of Innersense