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    We have achieved a lot since Lily Lolos founder Vikki started mixing her own wonderful mineral creations at home over 10 years ago. Lily Lolo, named after Vicki's two sisters, creates high-quality mineral make-up that emphasizes the natural beauty of every woman.

    Whether your skin is dry, oily or somewhere in between, Lily Lolo Mineral make-up gives a flawless complexion without clogging or irritating the skin. "We believe that beauty has innumerable faces, which is why we develop our products for all women, regardless of style, age and skin color."

    Every single one Lily Lolo Mineral makeup product is non-comedogenic and provides lightweight and natural coverage without clogging pores. Even the most sensitive skin types are not irritated. Lily Lolo Makeup is made to a strict code of quality, with no parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, dyes or other harmful chemicals. Lily Lolo: "Our passion for natural makeup, and the power of makeup to transform the way you look and feel, is at the heart of what we do. Try our mineral makeup, like ours Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation, Big Lash Mascara, BB Cream, Mineral Blush or our Mineral Powders!"

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