Natural cosmetic products against yellow tint


    Natural cosmetic products against yellow tint

    A yellow cast often occurs in bleached or colored hair if the toner in cool colors has washed out or some of the color pigments have been washed out by strong ones UV exposure has faded. But graying hair can also have a yellow tinge due to mineral deposits of copper and iron in the water.

    Our selected products neutralize an unwanted yellow cast with violet pigments or with antioxidant plant dyes (anthocyanins), which contrast the yellow pigments in the hair and thus create a cooler, more neutral appearance. Hair care products with violet pigments such as shampoos, conditioners, leave-in care and Color treatments with vegetable pigments can help combat a yellow cast and give the hair a beautiful, cool color again.

    It is recommended to use these special hair care products regularly to combat yellowness and maintain the desired color result. In addition, you should also make sure to protect your hair from excessive sun rays to achieve a longer-lasting color result.

    With the right care using natural cosmetic products, you can effectively neutralize a yellow cast and make your hair shine in a cool color without having to resort to aggressive chemicals.