Curly'N'Covered Hair Towels & Turbans



    Tarly and Marco Trusheim are Curly'N'Covered - a colorful and cosmopolitan start-up that produces high-quality hair accessories. Turbans, hair towels for the plopping method, Scrunchies or silk pillowcases, Curly'N'Covered is all about products that are particularly gentle on curls and waves. “We focus on sustainability, appreciation and high quality. We produce products that you buy once and that last for a long time.”

    Curly'N'Covered produce in Germany. The seamstresses work in small factories or are independent one-woman businesses. All bamboo fabrics and silk fabrics are tested for pollutant residues. When it comes to materials that come into direct contact with skin and hair over a long period of time, the highest priority was placed on safety. These substances are certified according to a recognized consumer protection seal. Bamboo fabrics and wax print fabrics are mostly sourced within the EU. Quality, price and certification with regard to tested pollutant residues persuaded the start-up to purchase silk from China. Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to obtain silk from Europe in the required quality and at affordable prices.

    “The name Curly'N'Covered consists of two parts, Curly (curly) and Covered (protected). curly hair, natural curls and Afro hair play a big role in our family - Tarly's roots lie in Africa. We know the special requirements of curly hair very well and are aware of how important it is to use high-quality products. We want to offer hair accessories that not only showcase your hair wonderfully, but also protect and care for your hair effectively. The special advantages of our products therefore benefit all hair types and can be used in a variety of ways.”