Ogaenics Founders Claudia Seehusen and Suse Leifer


Ogaenics offers dietary supplements made from 100% herbal ingredients in organic quality without additives. Ogaenics Products consist exclusively of extracts from fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, algae, herbs and plants. she provide the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements and also contain their naturally occurring co-factors and co-nutrients such as secondary plant substances or bioflavonoids.

The taking of Ogaenics can therefore be compared with the consumption of high-quality organic foods - but in a much more concentrated form - they are transported into the bloodstream faster and more easily than is the case with synthetic vitamin and mineral products. All ingredients have a scientifically proven effect.

"Ogaenics Supplements are our way of helping people make their health a priority. Because our body is precious. A gift from nature that carries us through life. Billions of cells work non-stop according to an ingenious plan. So that they can do that, we provide them with nutrients - certified organic and so pure, highly concentrated and potent that we can see and feel clear results. "Co-Founders Claudia Seehusen & Suse Leifer.