Looops founders Julia Schliefsteiner & Markus Niederfriniger


    Natural scents, timeless design, stylish aesthetics – with Looops’ fragrance creations, small rituals become big moments. Because taking time for yourself is the best time. Looops is a founder-run fragrance manufacturer based in Elixhausen near Salzburg. Here Julia Schliefsteiner & Markus Niederfriniger and their team present all-natural products Scented Candles, fragrance sprays and essential oil mixtures based on 100% natural ingredients.

    We are both fascinated by nature, its overwhelming beauty inspired us to develop our fragrance creations. We want to capture their essence and bring this feeling of security and balance indoors. “Find your essence” is the brand’s core message. Looops wants to connect people more with nature. Honest scents from nature that are carefully absorbed “inside”. High-quality raw materials and materials with an appealing feel focus on the essentials. Looop's products contain the best of nature: from hand-picked vegetable waxes to organic alcohol to 100% natural, essential oils, which not only smell wonderful, but are also good for the body and soul. This ensures that our fragrances reflect the true essence of nature. Every single fragrance creation is based on our own recipes and ideas. We design, reject and tirelessly refine every nuance.

    With our products we would like to accompany you on sensual journeys. We want to help you establish a harmonious connection with your own senses through the treasures of nature. Direct, clear and honest. We consciously leave out anything that distracts. Loops stands for focus. For aesthetics. And for reduction to the essentials. Masterpieces of nature. Composed in Salzburg.
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