The best products for beautiful curls

The best curly hair products for beautiful curls


    Which natural cosmetics Curly Hair products are best suited for beautiful curls? It is essential that the curl care products do not contain any water-insoluble silicones that coat each individual hair and ensure that moisture cannot get in or out of the hair. Drying alcohols are also a no-go. In the medium term, the curls dry out and lose their shine and elasticity.

    We have put together natural shampoos and conditioners that are safe to use on your curls. We take into account the Curly Girl method and the Wavy Curl method. So that your curls get more strength and bounce and simply look healthier.

    The curly hair method completely avoids hair care products with silicones and sulfates (strong surfactants such as sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate) and does not use heat when styling. If possible, parabens and aggressive alcohols are avoided. Since our entire hair care range does not use these substances, our shampoos, conditioners & co. are ideal for the curly hair method.

    The ideal curly hair routine consists, for example, of a mild shampoo twice a week (or if you take it very seriously, you no longer wash your hair with shampoo but only with conditioner) and a nourishing conditioner. It is best to use only cold or at most lukewarm water for rinsing (the Curly Girl method does not use heat/warmth) and detangle with a wide-toothed comb.

    Now the styling products for curly hair are used, such as curling gel, curling cream or leave-in conditioner, which are gently kneaded into wet hair. Curly girls should definitely not dry their hair with heat, but one of the following methoden to use. In the so-called plopping method, which is used in the Curly Hair Method to define the curls, press the hair close to the head using a microfiber towel, a hair turban or an old t-shirt. So let them dry for a while and get extra nice curls. 

    Alternatively, let your hair air dry. But please don't run your fingers through your hair, this promotes frizzing and damages the hair bundles, which curl together to form curls.

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