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    Naturally effective cleansing gels cleanse the skin thoroughly without affecting its natural lipid layer. Without sulfates and silicones, but with mild plant-based surfactants, you can free our skin from everyday dirt and make-up residues. Natural cosmetic quality cleaners are very well tolerated and leave the skin feeling pleasant and cleansed down to the pores.

    In order to find the right cleanser, the skin type must first be taken into account, but habits and possible skin problems also play a role. As a rule of thumb, dry and mature skin types usually need to be nourishing Conditioner or Olive oil attack, while oily and acne-prone skin types tend to follow suit foam or looking for gels. However, you have to make some restrictions here, because a gentle cleansing foam or a gentle cleansing gel can also be well suited for dry skin and an oil-based cleanser is often the right choice to balance an oily complexion.