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    Biofficina Toscana was founded by Eva Casagli and Claudia Lami. Our hair care products combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with the latest scientific developments and the wonderful nature of Tuscany. At Biofficina Toscana we only process ingredients of the highest quality and the vast majority of our plant-based ingredients come directly from the region. We are proud of our origins and source sea buckthorn and pomegranate from Maremma, olive oil and honey from Lucca, sunflower oil from Mugnano and the valuable Italian immortelle from the island of Elba.

    Modern scientific methoden help us to use the ingredients in the best possible way. Our Biofficina Toscana Recipes are innovative and contain patented active ingredients such as Uviox®, made from grape varieties from the Sienese Chianti vineyards, or Oleox®, an organic liquefaction of the green Crete Senesi olives with a strong antioxidant effect, or Rubiox® with a filling and smoothing effect, obtained from berries from the hills around Lucca.

    We all at Biofficina Toscana are passionate about developing cosmetics that are highly effective as well as ethical and environmentally friendly. Our sophisticated hair care line at affordable prices, ranging from mild shampoos and Conditioner, to targeted curl care, to nourishing hair treatments and masks.

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