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    Trice Angie Christiansen, founder of RAAW Alchemy: "Welcome to RAAW Alchemy - my exclusive clean beauty collection, made with organic, sustainable and wild-harvested ingredients. My products are highly concentrated with carefully selected, antioxidant-rich algae and powerful plant extracts. Each and every product is made with love to bring your... To pamper your skin and your senses with nourishing, efficient and luxurious ingredients I hope you enjoy my fine RAAW Alchemy-universe."

    After having an allergic reaction to a conventional high-end brand, I, like many other women, was looking for skincare with pure ingredients and high-quality products that was also elegant. I couldn't find it - so I created my own. The first product was the "Miracle Oil", named for the miraculous powers it contained that cured my eczema...and that's how it all started. Then the Blue Drops Calming Face Oil and the Gold Drops Nourishing Face Oil were added.

    With my father I then began to explore the powerful effects of fine fragrances and how they can enhance the experience of self-care. Together we spent many hours on his patio in the Hollywood Hills developing the scents I envisioned, reflecting the time and environment. Fragrances that we immortalized with the Blackened Santal or Room 64 perfumes. 

    Why the change from RAAW by Trice zu RAAW Alchemy? In an industry that moves fast and is constantly changing, we too want to adapt and make our products even more accessible. We're morphing into something new, but keeping the best parts of who we've always been at our core. That is the case with RAAW. When we came up with our new name, the definition of alchemy seemed just right for RAAW's journey. Alchemy describes the seemingly magical or transformative process of transmuting and combining elements into something new and better!

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