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The idea for Kia Charlotta came about because it was difficult for me (Kia) to find vegan, more natural and at the same time high-quality make-up. When I once again painted my nails and noticed that the nail polish I had was old and not vegan and also contained harmful ingredients, I had enough. The vegan market is growing, people are looking for conscious and healthy options, and consumers are starting to develop a simpler and minimalist lifestyle. So I decided to just do it myself. :) That was the birth of Kia Charlotta.

Our motto is "Beauty With a Soul" and it is important for us to make the entire value chain transparent and sustainable. We wanted to go with Kia Charlotta Create a brand that is as compatible as possible for people and nature and at the same time completely dispenses with animal ingredients or even animal testing. All our Kia Charlotta Products are 100% vegan, but at the same time convince with their very high quality and coverage.

New, we have managed to expand our pollutant-free list from 14 to 15! Our nail polishes are now completely free from Styrene / Acrylates Copolymer, a commonly used adhesive in nail polishes, which according to some definitions is called liquid microplastic.