Und Gretel Christina Roth and Stephanie Dettmann



    Christina Roth, co-founder of makeup Labels Und Gretel, worked as an international make-up artist for years. She counts well-known personalities from film, fashion and advertising among her clients. During her work, she repeatedly encounters the same problem: She cannot find any natural products that she could recommend to her customers with a clear conscience. High-performance cosmetics with natural ingredients that have professional quality in color intensity, texture and durability. That's exactly what Christina Roth is looking for, but unfortunately without success. Until she decides to develop these products herself.

    Christina Roth finds the perfect ally in marketing expert Stephanie Dettmann. Together, the two power women pursue their vision: luxurious make-up and beauty products that have been awarded a BDIH certificate and that immediately catch the eye of their users with their multifaceted colors. Particular emphasis is placed on pleasant textures and high-quality ingredients that can only be found in nature. Without synthetic preservatives. Without parabens and mineral oils. Without aluminum. Without silicones. Without compromises. That's it Und Gretel Berlin born.

    Together with her team, Christina develops unique ones Natural cosmetics Products such as the Und Gretel Wint Mascara, the Lieth Foundation, the Imbe eyeshadow or the Holt eyeliner pencils. This carefully coordinated range of cosmetics can be achieved thanks to the natural pigments of the products, each other mix and combine. Und Gretel this is called pigment pairing. The natural Und Gretel Cosmetics impress with their highest quality and include all the products needed for the perfect make-up look: foundation, powder, lip gloss, lipstick, Highlighter or mascara.

    Recently surprised Und Gretel his fans with news: his own beauty skincare line. Products that are formulated so mildly that they are suitable for all skin types and ages. In order to protect our largest organ, the skin, active ingredients such as baobab oil, coffee seed oil or brown algae extract in premium quality are used in the production of the care products. The combination of Cleansing Oil, the Natural Rich & Refining Face Oil, the Firming Peptide Cream and the Multi-Hyaluron Serum provides a lot of moisture, can reduce wrinkles and offers the skin a perfect care routine.

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