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    Eym Naturals was founded by the couple Poppy & Sam Wall. When Poppy was pregnant with her first child, she read about the negative effects of synthetic fragrances in candles and the high levels of toxins released when they are burned. However, Poppy found her obsession with scented candles non-negotiable! So Poppy and her husband Sam decided to create 100% natural, chemical-free fragrance products. Candles that should be as pure in their aesthetics as in their ingredients.

    Determined not to compromise, after long development work they created independent, special fragrances that are only possible with pure essential oils. The aromatherapy blends have a positive therapeutic effect on emotional wellbeing. Whether you want to focus on sleep, relaxation, regeneration or meditation, Eym has the scents to aid you in this.

    All ingredients are 100% natural and come from ethically responsible and sustainable production. No chemicals, no fragrance enhancers and binders, just pure essential oils.

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