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Julia Kitschenberg Founder Blanda Beauty

In our online shop Blanda Beauty we put on selected, high-quality natural cosmeticsthat is good for your body and soul!

The selection criteria for our brands are the highest quality and naturalness, They also convince us with their mission statement and their appearance. Our national and international brands always reflect uniqueness and diversity; we ourselves have many years of experience abroad. We think diversity is enriching. For example, you can find brands like Triumph & Disaster from New Zealand, Sappho New Paradigm from Canada, La Canopée from France, SanDaWha from Korea, Ere Perez from Australia, Soapwall from Brooklyn, Naturallogic from Pennsylvania, Mádara from beautiful Latvia, Beauty Kubes from England, Merme from Berlin or Josh Rosebrook from California.

Important for functioning natural cosmetics is the high quality of the ingredients and careful, careful processing. That is why we pay attention to products that consist of 100 percent purely vegetable raw materials, most of which are obtained from organic farming. If a product is not 100% natural, you can be sure that it does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to humans or the environment. This also includes packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible and sustainable manufacturing methoden in the resources used.

The brands we offer do not test on animals and most of the products are also suitable for vegans. Most of the brands we offer have one or more natural cosmetics certificates. Our range consists of exclusive niche brands, exciting new business and high quality established brands. We don't want to commit ourselves to a certain segment, but rather offer brands that we are convinced of and hope that we can use them to contribute a little to your well-being. We love hearing from our customers. Please send us questions and suggestions at any time and in a completely informal manner. 

With love, Julia Kitschenberg

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