OZN Founder Nina Skarabela


    OZN Founder Nina Skarabela: "I love nail polish, I'm a nail polish junkie! But I also love people and beautiful things and the idea of ​​creating something that corresponds 100% to my ideas and principles. My many years of experience in the beauty sector have given me a lot taught, but above all that I can and only want to sell something that I think is great myself and would also buy myself! OZN I am in the wonderful position of being able to do just that. As the creative head of the LabelI can devote myself entirely to the artwork and the products, while my great business partner David takes care of all the commercial things.

    Our vegan 22+ Free OZN Nail polishes consist of a plant-based formula. 90% of the ingredients we use are obtained from sustainably cultivated, plant-based raw materials such as wood, potatoes, beetroot, spelled, sugar cane, cassava or corn. In addition to the highest product quality, it is particularly important to us that we work as little as possible with harmful chemical ingredients. We largely avoid substances that are suspected of being harmful to health. For me, that has to do with respect for people and things. I want, even if I have something "non-essential" like mine OZN Make nail polish or nail polish remover something of value made with love and passion. I think it's important to consume with heart and mind. Quality-conscious and sustainable."

    OZN was founded in 2015 by David Gerrlich and Nina Skarabela founded.
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