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Well Kept


    The longtime friends Natalie and Emilie are the founders of Well Kept:

    A few years ago we decided to bring the products we use and consume in line with our values. Little by little we had all the beautiful, sustainable and natural care products in our bathrooms and then with horror we had to find that still the baby blue plastic razors standing around in the bathroom. The cheap, disposable product was definitely out of place here.

    We were looking for simple, high-quality shaves with an appealing aesthetic, but unfortunately couldn't find an alternative that was right for us. After a lot of research and tests, we made a decision Well Kept to create a sustainable, high-quality alternative to shaving. We wanted to create something that looks nice, has a pleasant feel, is durable and environmentally friendly and also shaves better!

    Our safety razors from Well Kept are made of solid brass and fit perfectly in the hand. The razors contain a sharp blade that allows for a close shave while being less irritating to the skin. Our brass razor has a very long lifespan, is beautifully designed and comes in cream, dusty rose and black. We reduce plastic, shave with pleasure and love and in the long term our safety razor is cheaper than the disposable products.

    In the USA alone, over two billion plastic razors end up in the trash every year.