Based on organic oils and high-quality pigments, natural lipsticks provide moisture and maximum color. The result is smooth, silky, shimmering lips for a seductive kissable mouth. Natural cosmetics that not only make you beautiful, but are also healthy. All of our lipsticks are made without cruelty. 

    In general, soft tones of pink or apricot are recommended for light facial skin. A restrained color for every day. If you want to set accents in the evening, you can also choose a more intense red as the lighter type, for example a beautiful cherry red or a classic Chanel red in which the cold and warm nuances are balanced. Delicate peach nuances or light pink tones are well suited for light skin types with blonde hair. 

    The basic rule is that dark complexions tolerate strong colors better than lighter skin types. Open red tones, rich berry tones or warm plum nuances are a good choice. For darker skin types, nude tones should be a little lighter than the complexion, otherwise the color will blur with the skin. If the hair has a reddish undertone, the lip color can be browner and also a level darker. For blonde hair and dark complexions, gold nuances are a suitable option. They harmonize with the summer tan and bring out the blonde hair.