Le Rouge Français founder Élodie Carpentier

French Red

    Flowers on your lips - plant color as a globally unique know-how! Chic, sustainable and modern, a color explosion of plant-based colors! Le Rouge Français combines unique expertise in the extraction of vegetable color pigments with an unmistakable, sophisticated French elegance. Encased in stunningly beautiful packaging.

    For me, lipstick is a source of strength and glamour, says Élodie Carpentier, founder of Le Rouge Français. When I was pregnant, I wanted to keep wearing lipstick. That's how I started looking into the recipes of my favorite brands. I don't need to tell you what I found - many other women found the same thing. Without compromising my health and that of my child, I began to develop my own lipsticks with the purest possible ingredients. I went in search of dye plants that have been used for thousands of years and the history of these plants inspired me to create a new paradigm in natural cosmetics.

    Conventional brands have traditionally used synthetic or mineral pigments to add color to their makeup products. Not because they want it that way, but because there are simply no alternatives. At Le Rouge Français, we break new ground and offer pigments derived from pure vegetable color sources that also have exceptional skin-friendly properties. This is our savoir faire!

    Our Le Rouge Français Manifesto: 1. As the winner of the 2019 Cosmebio Cosm'Ethique competition, we are proud to position ourselves as a deeply alternative and innovative brand with the development of a make-up range using vegetable pigments. Dyer's Herb, Achiote, Red Radish, Elderberry, Alkanet, Hibiscus, Sweet Potato, Purple Corn, Tomato Lycopene are all sources of inspiration, and our special milling, extraction and infusion techniques help us to reveal their natural, original colors. 2. Our eco-friendly, refillable, bio-based, clear lipstick case is a world first and is made from vegetable oil. 2. Buy a case with the lipstick color of your choice and refill it with the color of your choice thanks to our interchangeable refills. 3. The totum represents the entirety of a plant. We want to make use of all the benefits and active ingredients in the highest concentration, be it from the stone, the pulp, the leaves, the root or the bark. 4. No Mica - Mica are mineral pigments (iron oxides, metal oxides) found in soil and may contain heavy metals. Over time, these can penetrate the skin barrier or be swallowed. In addition, these resources are not renewable or sustainable and some are mined under disputed conditions. That's why we decided to ban mica. 5. No Titanium Dioxide: Le Rouge Français has decided to ban titanium dioxide from their formulations. We made this decision to protect the health of our customers. 6. Vegan and cruelty-free.

    The desire for naturalness, transparency and a selection of products that also covers the health needs of women is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, women have had to make some compromises in terms of sensuality, aesthetics and confidence in their lipstick. This is where the mission of Le Rouge Français begins. A brand with a holistic philosophy that shows new horizons in the cosmetics sector, using the power and fascinating properties of dye plants in its formulas. Join Le Rouge Français on a fantastic journey!
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